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  • There’s a Kind of a Hush All Over the World Tonight

    They’re out. Gone. Vamoosed. Praise the long-armed reach of absentee landlords (take that, Ireland!): the bohunk renters across the alley have been evicted. After my earlier post about these five college lads’ disruptive partying tendencies, things got worse. They hit a new high the night that Phat Boy Renter and his Li’l Blondie girl sat […]

  • Foreclosed Without Purchase

    It was the yapping that yanked me to consciousness. Bad doggie woke me. Curse the bad doggie. But what doggie? All previous yappers had met their fate as Main Ingredient in Jocelyn’s Yippy Puppy Stew (oft-requested at local potlucks). So what was this odd barking noise that was killing my snooze? New doggie. Across the […]