There’s a Kind of a Hush All Over the World Tonight

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  1. Pam says:

    I am praying, oh yes praying that idiots like these infest where we have had to leave.The rental tribunal told us as much “leave as soon as you can,with this appropriate paperwork.You have the landlord from hell”-plastic on the carpets, felt pads on our pictures,”no hanging basket full of pretty flowers thank-you it will dent the wood, no outside potplants(may leave a mark), did not lodge our ever increasing bond amounts each year, ripped us off for water levies,spotless carpets which were plasticised must be shampood without fail every year at tennants cost,and twenty other illegal demands.Would you believe lists of what brand cleaning products to use, where to purchase them, and to use a scourer only a couple of times and throw it away,bathroom scourers MUST be new each time “When you clean the inside kitchen window I will not allow you to have your feet on the sink – only on the laminate with a teatowel underneath”.I can tell you that I would have split myself in half.Even “I can see a smear on your shower screen!”So we’re taking the advice and getting out ( after she demanded twelve hours of open inspections in two weeks during packing time, was reprimanded and admitted she was just “trying it on”.) Oh please tell me there’s retribution somewhere.Never had a party here, paid the rent on time, kept it spotless, treated like *#!*. Oh how I’d love idiots to move it and stain those carpets with their alcohol of choice, and put their filthy feet on the sink while the contraband dog barks on.

  2. Pam says:

    Gee, sorry, didn’t know it was going to be that long!!!

  3. citizen of the world says:

    Well, I’m glad they are out. But I can’t believe the landlord was concerned only when it involved possible damage to his property through the dogs. Apparently the kids’ infringing on your rights for peace didn’t matter. Sheesh.

  4. Balou says:

    Yikes. I hope the next tenants are not of the same ilk. Maybe Tucson man should hire you to rent out and manage his house.

  5. choochoo says:

    lol. Well, thank god that’s over. I was very happy to move far, far away from the idjit upstairs ppl last month, so I know exactly how you feel:D

  6. Maddy says:

    A sad tale of woe that I’m pretty sure is repeated the world over. I don’t think it’s a question of blame, more an issue of making sure that our own children are in the position to make different choices, preferably independently from us, if you know what I mean.
    Best wishes

  7. chelle says:

    ugh … renting and being near renters is never fun. Sounds like they were totally immature and not in tune to the big wide world yet. I have never understood the no respect for others concept.

    YAY for them being out!

  8. furiousBall says:

    you have it right, this is another example of folks that have that alarmingly prevailing sense of self-entitlement and the constant search for an excuse for their circumstance. some say dare to fail, they say fail to dare.

  9. Jazz says:

    Sometimes I have a lot of words. So I used them.

    Darling, you always have a lot of words and, as usual, use them brilliantly.

  10. Franki says:

    Enjoy your peace.

    Neighbors are scary.

  11. Shania says:

    I’ve never heard Marianne, but I’m outraged for you anyway!

  12. pistols at dawn says:

    Yipes. There go my schoolgirl dreams of living in a quiet college town full of donnish young scholars, hearts aflutter with chaos theory and Kantian metaphysics.

    I haven’t been this upset since I went to New Haven and realized what a pit that place is.

  13. lime says:

    i do so hope pictures of them hung in their own web will bear striking similarity to when frodo the hobbit was mummified by the giant spider. likewise i hope the pictures will be available for publishing right her

  14. flutter says:

    that poor elmo slipper, that poor poor elmo slipper.

  15. Glamourpuss says:

    Kids today! No respect! Little shits.


  16. yinyang says:

    I wish our annoying neighbors would leave. They like to party really loudly, especially on Fridays – but any school night will do – and one night they decided to light up in their basement (I’m not sure it was cigarettes, though, because it smelled strange). The miasma of smoke diffused through the cracks in my wall and stunk up the whole basement, forcing me to sleep in the living room.

    Ah, well – that’s what we get for living on Renter’s Lane in Suburban Homeowner’s Paradise.

  17. ms. changes pants while driving says:

    wonderful post. i’m sorry you went through this. i lived in a beach town for about a year. every august through about june the place would bump and thump with late night fights, late night tears. i actually took a picture of a girl kneeling in a driveway after having driven herself (probably drunkly) to her ex boyfriend’s driveway to beg for him back. you can’t reason with them. you can’t explain things to them. parties at 2am on a tuesday? they know nothing of having to go to work early. and their fresh young bodies (damn them!) don’t get hangovers like we old folk do.

    they park their cars in the street, and they leave their car doors open while getting in, putting their make up on, flossing, or whatever the hell it is that they need to do with the car door open. a honk of the horn only gets you an evil stink eye.

    UGH. so i feel yer pain. and i feel yer joy!!!

  18. ms. changes pants while driving says:

    hahahaa… that poor elmo slipper. flutter is funny.

  19. That Chick Over There says:

    The country music ALONE would have been enough to make me kick their asses.

    I applaud you, once again.

  20. susan says:

    Noise, holes in the wall, pee, puke and all that goes with that…and all the owner is worried about is the poor dog? Geez, get a clue!

    If they ever rent out to more partiers you now know to get them a puppy!

  21. Todd Lund says:

    The unabated dissemination of the genes of Bevis, Butthead, and Bart Simpson have a lot to answer for. I was perusing my latest copy of The Journal of American Genetics, and noted with interest that a “Clueless DpShit” gene has recently been discovered on chromosome 4p19 along with the locus for the “StpdCluck” phenotype. Apparently, this gene is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait, and is often associated with HaplessDunderFuck Syndrome, a low forehead, limited intelligence, poor memory, and as well as a significantly retarded vocabulary, early alcoholism, sociopathic behavior, and lack of control of the oral, anal, and urethral sphincter muscles. I was thinking that, if you had the time, you might consider writing up in a case report the occurrence of such a concentration of these phenotypes in so many individuals in the same place at the same time (i.e. across the alley from you). I suspect that The Journal would be very receptive indeed to one of your always objective, accurate and analytical descriptions of individuals clearly afflicted with these genetic traits.

  22. Karen MEG says:

    Ugh, what a nightmare. But at least they’re GONE!!!

    I just hope the landlord is a bit more discriminating the next time around.

  23. Steve says:

    I think Phat Boy is/was in my FYE class. He missed the last two weeks because he’d been kicked out of his house, he said. Bummer for him. Happy ending for you.

    Living in a college town…nuff said.

  24. Ann(ie) says:

    buh bye. Neighbors can really suck. Mine aren’t even that bad!!! Well they sorta are actually. 🙂

  25. Say It says:

    Deep breath in, deep breath out. Whew, they are out and gone.

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