There’s a Kind of a Hush All Over the World Tonight

They’re out. Gone. Vamoosed. Praise the long-armed reach of absentee landlords (take that, Ireland!): the bohunk renters across the alley have been evicted. After my earlier post about these five college lads’ disruptive partying tendencies, things got worse. They hit a new high the night that Phat Boy Renter and his Li’l Blondie girl sat… Continue reading There’s a Kind of a Hush All Over the World Tonight

The Meathead

Although it’s not January 6th yet, I’ve had an epiphany. You see, I got to enjoy a revelation this past Christmas week. It was not a star, a star, shining in the night that drew my focus. There was no Baby Haysoos in a pile of hay what got my attention. It was not the… Continue reading The Meathead


  Until recently, we had an extremely yappy dog living next door. She didn’t live alone, of course. She had handlers. Interestingly, this family of hers was, in every area outside of pet ownership, an uptight, buttoned-down group of people. Their home and yard were tidy, pristine. Their voices were never raised; indeed, they were… Continue reading Dognapped