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  • Scrapbookin’ the Road Trip: Page the Final

    Scrapbookin’ the Road Trip: Page the Final

    After visiting the Great Sand Dunes, we continued to drive through Colorado, towards Wyoming. Before we could really gun the car and head north, however, we needed to pull over for gas. And Jocelyn might have needed a bag of beef jerky. As is her way. As soon as we turned off the engine, we […]

  • Honey, I Can Tell Something’s Bugging You

    In college, I had a friend who was gifted nostrilly. I mean, he had some seriously large nostrils. Some nights, to wow The Crowd at dinner, he would take a quarter and stick it up one of his nostrils. At this juncture, some of you are probably thinking, “Yea, big deal. I stick quarters up […]