Scrapbookin’ the Road Trip: Page the Final

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  1. Joanne says:

    The feeling for home is so overwhelming; it must be a human condition.
    I’ve loved every minute of your vacation, and I want a vanilla, lemon lime twist. It must be sorta like an orange creamsicle. Where do I go for it?

  2. kmkat says:

    I had a good friend in college from Mitchell, SD, which she always referred to as The Home Of The World’s One And Only Corn Palace.

    As a crafter, I am always in awe when an actual artist puts his or her talent to work in something that is usually not art. Tell Brian I love his blackwork piece.

    I am squinting at the photo trying to see what books Allegra read on the trip. A girl after my own heart. And she (and I!) are so lucky we don’t get carsick when reading, even in the back seat.

    You look almost authentic in that grannie gown and cap. (The almost is because I am fairly sure pioneer women in sod houses did not wear sandals.)

  3. So much fun! I love that Flintstones snack stand. That’s so cool! And the llamas are just odd.

  4. pia says:

    I just read all your trip posts. Wow. I laughed. I didn’t cry.
    There were many many incredible lines but somehow “I didn’t know meth could taste this good,” had me on the floor. As did the picture of you in Pioneer garb. I always wanted to be a pioneer and travel the Oregon Trail. Or Sheena Queen of The Jungle for many reasons.

    Oh the Flinstone Diner–I come from a Flinstone family

    I really miss the type of trip you went on. My friends all like beaches which is great but…and my sibling and I don’t travel together because while your sibling is the only person who grew up with you, in the same room actually until you were 12, you didn’t have the same parents.

    Welcome home and this was wonderful!

  5. lime says:

    i’d have totally gotten out with you in the badlands and for the sod house. one of my favorite memories of out bike trip eons ago was driving west toward the badlands at dawn. the eastern light made the hills look as if they were plugged in and lit up like neon. it was amazing.

    and i have to say i really dig byron’s embroidery. fabulous design and beautifully executed.

  6. Bijoux says:

    Thank you for bringing back some fabulous memories of our trip out there in 2007. We have a family fave photo of our kids acting pissed off at Wall Drug near the weird huge concrete(?) animals. We enjoyed the Badlands, though my oldest daughter was freaked out by the rattlesnake warning signs and the prairie dogs. The biggest complaint on that trip was the Buffalo Bill Museum. My kids left there saying, “We still don’t know who he is.” Gah!

    I love the west too, but I never want to drive across Wyoming again.

  7. You know you guys missed a golden opportunity to recreate the Rushmore pose.

    The llama race is funny – they don’t look lie they are cooperative, especially in the second photo.

    It sure is a starkly beautiful place.

  8. Maria says:

    I am mightily jealous because the simple truth is that Bing and I do NOT travel well together. I am all about the museums and plays and she’s all about the hiking and exploring. When we do what I want, she falls asleep in theatres. When we do what she wants, we end up with her trying to be patient as I limp along behind her, whining. We are SO bad at vacations…and your little family sounds like they are so wonderful at them!

  9. Lil says:

    I love the American west. The colours are amazing – I can never get enough of the desert.

  10. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    Schlock and magnificent is a great way to sum up South Dakota. Years ago we went to the Flinstones–late 70’s I suppose. Glad to see it’s in such good shape after all these years! My family skipped it on our vacation there a few years ago–I was the only one interested in going. Oh well. At least we saw Reptile World, right?

  11. Meg says:

    First of all – impressive embroidery, Byron! Coming from a gal who still has the denim shirt I embellished with a horse head and my name in 7th grade. Second – I now have to shamelessly copy from you and pull out our First Great Out West Trip: Northwest photos and do something awesome with them! I have so enjoyed this travel log.

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