The Second Day of Spring Break in 30 Messages to My Husband

  1) I had Zinema popcorn for lunch. NOW THAT’S A HARDCORE SPRING BREAK MOVE. 2) I called to check on my stupid broken phone and was greeted by a bewildering “NOOO” shouted into the receiver when Ponytail Guy answered. After the shout, he hung up. So I called back, and he answered again, but […]

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Underneath the Driver’s Seat of the Mini-Van

…roosts a treasure trove of random crap: gum wrappers, quarters I could’ve used for the meter, water bottles, Cheerios, plastic doohickies, tupperware containers of goldfish crackers, ex-boyfriends (now shriveled and woebegone, embodiments of life without me). This post is just that: a heap of random crap that I can’t be bothered to clean up. See […]

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