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What I Did During My Summer Vacation

In a few days, the new academic year begins. Since I’ve not quite recovered from the stresses of the summer session, and since my fall teaching schedule recently underwent an adjustment (one section cancelled, another added), I’m a bit breathless. No matter. Whether or not I’m ready, it’ll happen anyways....

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The Defeat of Crabby Guy

I’m pretty sure my inner crabby person is a male over 80, what with the way he swings in, plops down with an exhausted sigh at the kitchen counter, and acts like I should pour him a cup of coffee because he couldn’t possibly pick up the mug in front of him and...

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A Childhood Well Lived 23

A Childhood Well Lived

At the end of a summer vacation, these are knees I trust. They show evidence of tumbles from the monkey bars trips down the new brick path scrounging in the garden for ripe plum tomatoes falls off the scooter bang-ups on the soccer field and one, random poke with the...

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