The Defeat of Crabby Guy

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5 Responses

  1. Ilyanna says:

    Oh man. You are the kind of mama i aspire to be

  2. jenihill says:

    As always -you hit the nail full on the head. My own inner crabby self constantly annoys me, keeps me procrastinating more and more about petty things that need to be done -like a load of laundry, or cleaning up the living quarters I occupy, and grumping about getting my behind in gear and going out to do some actual work of trying to find more customers on my Avon route and building a better service record there. Little things that the crabster says are important and the other side of me says “Why do this today when I can put it off till tomorrow!” It’s a constant war there, ya know.

  3. alexandra says:

    Isn’t this the loveliest of truths. The same with my 6th grade savior. “Mama, tonight, we play charades, no matter what anyone says!” How I love the way he brings me back.

  4. Maria says:

    The one thing that most parents will NEVER admit: we all HATE Summer because the kids are home. I work full time and I still hate Summer mostly because Bing used to drive me crazy by calling me to ask WHY I told Liv that she could have a friend over. They will want to bake and MAKE A MESS. Or WHY did I tell Liv that she would drive her and a group of three friends to the pool. Now, Bing works full time too and on days when I am too sick to go to work from chemo, I can’t have the house to myself to sleep, sleep, sleep. Noooo. I have Liv thumping around the house with her friends while I try to remember to put on my chemo scarf so they don’t see me looking like a bald old man. Or Liv peeking in and asking if I feel well enough to drive them to the mall? No. I don’t. But, it might buy me some peace. GOD, I miss her going to school. At least she leaves in a week to go on vacation with her Father and then I will miss her so much and ache to hear her voice. Because we can never have it both ways, can we?

  5. Bone says:

    My crabby guy seems to be appearing more and more as I get… less young.

    And now I’ll be pulling at my ear hair for the rest of the day. Thanks for that.

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