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In the Yard 19

In the Yard

The kids are in their last days of the school year here, and I’m already in Week Two of teaching summer classes at the college; strangely, there’s something melancholy about this time of year–something about the end of rituals and the starting of new daily schedules, something about the winds...

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Still At It 12

Still At It

Since I have stacks of papers this week–both revisions and new essays–I’m going to continue to milk the anniversary in this post. Here are a couple of videos wherein I babble about our weekend. The first video has ice and gives you a spin of the kitchen. This next video...

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Gallery in the Galley 27

Gallery in the Galley

In which I blather again–oh, holy Jeebus, yes–and then some more. If you can’t tolerate the video, or if it just makes you cry too much, the upshot is: my husband can’t get a critique of his art work. So that means you should give him one.

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