Won’t Someone Come Vacuum, Though?




By Jocelyn

There's this game put out by the American Girl company called "300 Wishes"--I really like playing it because then I get to marvel, "Wow, it's like I'm a real live American girl who has 300 wishes, and that doesn't suck, especially compared to being a dead one with none."


  1. Congrats on the new “real” furniture! Oh, and annotations rock! I didn’t know that was even possible. Oh, and you officially offended all Indian tribes everywhere by barfing into their treasured authentic ceremonial basket – just thought you ought to know.

  2. ok, i totally zoomed in on that lamp as soon as you took us into the living room. i kept hoping you’d show it to us better as you shared the trials of decorating in early attic/late grandmother style. i really covet the lamp so i am glad you intend to remain in your chaise lounge for the rest of eternity. it means i can come in a sneak off with it without interference.

    oh and the plants, especially the late 19th century xmas cactus…i am seriously impressed because i personally have the black thumb of death and can kill plants with cruel efficiency.

    the low thermostat setting…uh yeah….we keep the bedroom at 50 24/7. yeah, thank god for flannel sheets. but ssshhh don’t tell. when everyone has gone to school and work and it’s my turn to shower i crank that sucker up so i can manage not to have frostbite on the tender bits when i step out of the master bath.

  3. Ok, I’ve got my Svedka packed (in ice) and am ready to experience cozy on the chaise.

    I loved the tour, especially all the family heirloom pieces (and felt a bit sad as I realized I don’t have any in my house but we wont’ go into that right now), but yes, I too found myself noticing the lamp. Great choice. The new blue furniture looks fab as well. I adore your piano windows. Such nice wood trim around your windows. You don’t see that in contemporary houses.

    Oh, and America thanks you for shopping during these shaky economic times!

  4. I think the couch is great–you just need some colorful, kilm-like pillows to brighten it up.

    Love the the windows and woodwork–that’s my kind of place.

  5. I officially love the new furniture. The lamp called to me as soon as it became visible. I killed the majestic Christmas cactus my mother gave me — you have my undying admiration.

    Annotations on the video — sooo cool! Can you share how you did that?

  6. Haha!!That was fun! Thanks for the visit.Northern woods of Minnesota eh? That accounts for the great accent.As a gypsy-slash-soothsayer myself I admire that bouncy ball!To think they are usually over in the kiddies play baskets in the magic shop. Who knew! The new furniture looks great.

  7. You are too funny. My favorite quote from this: “Look at us, making sense!” And really? That plant is that old? We already have a tortoise that will outlive us, and now our xmas cactus could join him?

  8. hehe you are too fun! I feel like a whole person now that I know your poo face!

    Congrats on the new furniture it is lovely!

  9. I could only watch half (I’m at work) but what a great place you have!

    And yes — the toys in the window lend it an air of both je ne sais quois and serve as a deterrent to evil-doers…

    Diggin’ the annotations as well. 🙂


    p.s. My house is decorated very similarly. 🙂

  10. I felt like I was watching “Pop Up Video” how fun!

    Now am officially jealous of your special spot. Won’t you be surprised when me and my bottle of wine join you!

  11. Okay I just totally love you! I’m so impressed that you have living indoor plants. I kill all of mine. Outdoor I do well, indoor I cannot keep alive.

    And “except have her own children” was the deleted by censors part. You need to include your email address so that I don’t have to tell the world how mean I am. I teach religion for goodness sake!

  12. Nice tour! Everything looks fabulous,and I enjoyed your footnotes:) Lovely hard wood floors, too.

    Your love of the chase lounge reminds me of a character in a novel who decided to live on the pool table, since it has those four deep, handy pockets, ya know.

  13. Thanks for the tour, J, you’re getting awful good at this vlogging thing… I have to try it myself one day, but I have a pipsqueak voice and tend to giggle every half a second, which would be annoying at best. Nice new furniture.

    That lamp is really unique…reminds me of a Frank Lloyd Wright design…and the hurl bowl has a certain charm to it too :). Perfect if you indulge a little too much on the wine/vodka :).

  14. I’m proud of you. I’m very sentimental and yet hate old stuff. I’ve been lucky and only ended up with pieces I can tolerate (and have a story). Thanks for the video, that was fun!

  15. Now I want a chaise lounge. I love the toys under the furniture. We have a hotcycle under our piano, which is fine because no one plkays with either one.

  16. Speakers on my laptop won’t pick that up, so I had to just scroll through and see what you’ve done. Looks good!

  17. Gewurtztramminer (or however it’s spelled) does indeed not suck.

    And how do you manage to keep those plants alive? Me, I kill ’em within a couple of months.

    And I love love love your lamp.

  18. I have a chair where I live also. Everything I need within reach, although I do have to lean forward or to the side to grab whatever it might be. Amazes me how content it makes me.

    Your house is so perfect. And 56 degrees? Can’t you see your breath?

  19. Playmobil, green glitter ball, and chaise lounge? Oh, Jocelyn dear, I ADORE you!!

    The annotations were fab, by the way, just like reading an annotated novel.

  20. It’s very odd because I have always sort of felt I knew you and despite this being the first time I’ve seen you move and talk, I still so. That, my friend, is testimony to your wonderful writing.


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