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  • Vigilantly Constricting

    Vigilantly Constricting

    Then there was the time I hotfooted into yoga class ten minutes late and discovered that, uncharacteristically, the teacher had taken some time for talk before movement. Hoping to illuminate the theory behind the practice, she’d explained a few terms and their role in the various poses we’d be doing. By the time I slunk […]

  • If the Guy Next to Me Had Been British, He Would Have Whispered, “Put Your Baps Away, Love”

      Possessing a highly refined gift for Dickin’ Around, I invariably run late. Naturally, as I attempt to ram my way out of the house, idiocy abounds. The other week, when I was trying to get to the gym to do a little cardio and then attend yoga class, I was chasing the clock. In […]