Decades: Andus, Age 57


Andus is a cultural anthropologist who, after living in Turkey for sixteen years, has returned to his native Germany, where he is restoring an old half-timber house and watchtower in the city walls of Michelstadt.


Andus Edited
Andus was born in 1957, the year of the second Eurovision Song Contest. Also in that year, the film Twelve Angry Men won the Golden Bear award at the Berlin International Film Festival, Lester Pearson won the Nobel Peace Prize for organizing the United Nations Emergency Force to resolve the Suez Canal crisis, and the Treaty of Rome was established–creating the European Economic Community, which paved the way for the eventual establishment of the European Union.


  1. Think of a specific time you felt joy. What was going on, and why were you so happy in that moment

Limeriticly being in love… Maybe? But joy and happiness are not easy matters: It’s quite difficult to find it in ourselves and almost impossible to find it somewhere else.


  1. What are some of your favorite sounds?

Various sounds of wind and water.

  1. What makes you feel upset or angry? Why?

Unwise politics and stupid politicians, because they influence our unique world in a significant negative way.

  1. What is something in your life that feels hard for you these days? Tell us about it.

That I can’t sustainably merge the beautiful experiences I gathered at different places I lived in my life and that I can’t ignore the impact of bad experiences I’ve had in my life despite the fact that they continuously move backwards in history.

Andus FCI Edited
Andus in the Fairy Chimney Inn, which he restored from a rundown shambles. –Goreme, Turkey


  1. If you were to recommend a book, author, movie, tv show, or musical group to readers, what would it be? What’s so great about it?

Late 60’s and 1970’s Miles Davis, because he always encouraged talented fusion-musicians to play and improvise whatever they wanted to play.

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