Don’t Mind the Gap

A little tip

for those situations

that might seem intimidating or beyond the boundaries of the comfort zone:

As you eye the gap between here and there

what you’ll find amazing


that the tools necessary to build a bridge are trifling

maybe thirty words of common language–

no grammar–

a cute sidekick who sometimes rubs his eyes

and an ability not to fixate on a mole the size of a dime



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By Jocelyn

There's this game put out by the American Girl company called "300 Wishes"--I really like playing it because then I get to marvel, "Wow, it's like I'm a real live American girl who has 300 wishes, and that doesn't suck, especially compared to being a dead one with none."


  1. Just caught up with your new address and back posts. The one about Virginia moved me immensely: both the subject and the manner in which it was written. In fact I found tears in my eyes for all the right reasons!
    They say friendship is an art: you and Virginia, and Kirsten, seem to have it in spadefuls. I send all my best wishes to V. for many more good months with Kirsten, and to you that you have mores wonderful visits together.

  2. Finally got through! Whew! Why did I have such a hard time getting to your blog? Whyyyyy?

    I’ve added you to my blogroll, where I will never be without your (new) site again.


  3. Ah, but perhaps she is looking at your mole-free face,and finding it equally difficult not to stare.

    A cute sidekick needs no translation.

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