Five in Five: Friday, January 26

  1. I used a facial mask the other day — since every last thing on me is properly dry and flaky now that it’s January. I had no idea what Resveratrol means, but based on the picture on the packaging, it seemed to me “Resveratrol” meant “red wine,” so after pulling the mask out, I sucked on it real hard like and got tipsy; my skin looked both refreshed and blurry by the time I spit that sucker out.
  2. Yesterday, I went to a new Strength Training class during which we used real barbells and did lots of reps, and today, if anyone puts my chocolate higher than waist level, I’ma have to cry.
  3. With hopes of sleeping better, I cut out afternoon caffeine a few months ago; for Christmas, Byron gave me a bevy of herbal teas, and as soon as I post this thing, I get to go downstairs and make a huge mug of Toothless Chai, which will be awesome because I’m cold to my marrow right now.
  4. Last week I went to the one-year follow-up appointment for having had LASIK surgery, and mostly I like to see that doc because I get to ask her for updates on her daughter who’s a freshman at GW this year, but also I like to see that doc so I can confirm I still sometimes experience a high-up back-of-my-eye feeling of grit and irritation. She directed me to a night-time gel I can use to try to alleviate the problem, and let me tell you it’s bizarrely satisfying to squirt a quarter-inch of what is essentially Vaseline into my eye before I sleep because then my blurry vision has nothing to do with the Resveratrol. 
  5. The reason I’m cold to my marrow right now is that I spent a lotta hours outside today at a ski meet, running in the woods, and back at the ski meet. Those teens are so ferociously focused and fierce they make my heart sing. What made my eyes wet was when a girl on Allegra’s team had some sort of crash in the woods wherein she hit her head a couple times, lost consciousness, and threw up repeatedly — before the firefighters and paramedics got to her on their snowmobile and snow ATV machine. After a knuckle-biting wait for gathered onlookers, they hauled her out, such a small figure wrapped in blankets, being machined down the hillside in the open back of a rescue vehicle. It looked like she maybe had a tube coming out of her mouth, but what I know for sure is the firefighter riding in the back with her had his head bent low over hers. And all I could think as they drove past and I wiped my eyes is that the young woman being bundled towards help could have been any of those kids out there today, and, lordy, do I hope she’s okay.
  6. Because here’s the thing. 
  7. These teens are ferocious and focused and fierce.
  8. And this world needs them.
  9. We need our ferocious, focused, fierce future to be okay.

Typing time: 10:32
Editing time: Fuck it. I kind of edited as I typed. And I need some tea now.







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