Five in Five: Wednesday, January 24

  1. It occurred to me the other day that I’ve been menstruating for nigh on 40 years, and my first reaction was: HEY, LOOK, I CAN DO A THING!
  2. My friend Ellen has started a newsletter; when she asked if she could interview me, my answer was “Hell, yes” followed a couple days later by “HEY, LOOK, I DID A THING!” You can read the first edition of her newsletter, along with my answers to some really fun questions, here: Oh, Yes!
  3. Allegra’s all done with high school, save for finishing out ski season; thus, she’s been on a diligent hunt for a second job so’s to earn enough money to travel this spring. The other day, she scored that second job. If you’re out shopping, don’t look for her by the Bed. Don’t look for her by the Bath. Look for her Beyond. That girl of ours has always been Beyond.
  4. I am actively envious — okay, let’s call it what it is: I’m miffed — that the middle and southern parts of the state got a huge snow dump the other day, and up here, where snow is supposed to live, we got none. I just went skiing today, and the tufts of grass poking through the groomed tracks made my heart weep and my feet stutter.
  5. The last handful of days at work have been “challenging” for Byron, in a way that has been a huge perspective restorer. I hate how dirty the car is? Doesn’t matter, so long as my boy is okay. Feeling fat? Is a bullshit waste of energy, if my boy’s not okay. Hating the book I’m reading? There are other books, ad infinitum, especially if my boy’s okay.

Final typing clock: 5:18.

Editing: 3:12








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