Found My Marbles

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  1. jenny_o says:

    Hah! And here I thought you were going to go dig the alien eyeball marble out of the garbage. Well played!

    In our house, it’s a cat toy – a springy thing – that gets caught under the radiator every time I sweep. So I can’t just, you know, toss it. The cats would murder me in my sleep.

  2. Jon says:

    Things turn up in all the hidden places, but I shall never be accused of finding my marbles.

  3. kmkat says:

    What, you live in my house? Except that our dust bunnies are the size of Connecticut because we have two dogs and two cats and three of those four are long-haired.

  4. Leigh Ann says:

    What’s a radiator? I kid.

    We are almost the same person, cleaning-wise. I sweep my nice new dark wood floors regularly(ish), but I can’t bring myself to give a damn about the ugly, dingy, 80s tile in the kitchen. It’s the main reason I wear house shoes or flip flops inside the house.

    And I most definitely would have snatched that damn marble back out of the trash, because “They want to keep this!”

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