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  1. Bijoux says:

    Have I mentioned lately how glad I am to be done with all that?

  2. actonbell says:

    Fabulous, good for Allegra! Great post, too 🙂 I agree about those fundraisers, too. As if any of us need more crap!

    And perhaps you’d enjoy this, IF you haven’t already.

  3. jenny_o says:

    Hilarious and too close to home for comfort. In our case, we fundraised (fundrose?) as a group, and it turned out our girl became ill (as in seriously ill) and couldn’t go. Didn’t get anything back either!

    Your daughter is learning well. But then she has parents helping her learn.

  4. kmkat says:

    No more unwanted magazine subscriptions (what, there are still magazines?), no more unwanted gift wrap (that is too thick to fold nicely), no more scented candles to screw up my lungs. So glad my kids are done with that.

  5. Maria says:

    One good thing about retiring: I DO NOT feel obligated to buy from that overpriced catalog of gourmet cheeses and chocolates for the secretary’s son’s soccer team to earn money to go to a soccer camp every year. We never do fund raisers. Ever. But, Liv also doesn’t hold down a job. I have forbidden her to work on school days (nights) in high school. And she is going to France this Summer with her class and (head hanging) it is being funded by myself,her Father and her wealthy-as-shit godfathers in Chicago. She is furious with me that I will not let her work during the school year. (I am fine that she lifeguards in the Summer…) Truthfully, though? Allegra will learn so much more on her trip than Liv will on hers because it came from her hard work and sacrifice. I do know this. And I snickered right along with Sid. My daughter goes to an all girl Catholic academy so I am very often the orphan at the table at all parent meetings. I have been lectured by parents, asking me why I allow my child to attend a Catholic school when I am a self proclaimed agnostic. I shrug and tell them that it was her decision, not mine. They think I am either really stupid or really lenient. I am neither, but it’s too long a story to go into with people who already dislike me. I think Allegra is a chip off the ole block as we say here on the prairie. Boy howdy…..

  6. Jon says:

    I felt the plunger go in and I fell back as my bladder released. I just about fainted at the $1000 spending money for a 16 years old. I am glad you’re a parent, but I don’t think I could do it.

  7. Abby says:

    Wow, that’s quite a post! I mean length and content-wise! Loved the pictures too:)

  8. more cowbell says:

    Oh, mercy, the whole post, I was right there with you. I raised three teenagers in US high schools. Wine helped. It was even more overwhelming for me, having come from a lot of years overseas. I never did any of that fundraising shit. I wrote the check, which wasn’t easy for a single mom, but I tell you, avoiding that stress was sure worth the price. I was never good at any kind of parent meetings. Never really fit in with the other high school parents. I’d have loved to have met you in one of those meetings. We could’ve had bad attitudes together. Pretty sure La Señora likes a good “fuck you” as well, and yes, a certain admiration is called for. Your daughter will be better for this. All three of mine are strong and independent now, and never sold candy bar one.

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