I Bought from the Registry but Still Got No Invite

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10 Responses

  1. Avie Layne says:

    I’m sure their army of Amy’s lack the sparkling words that you spin and must be rather boring. I know I shan’t be reading the Hilton blogs.

  2. Maria says:

    You forgot to include bikini photos, pics of you and Byron jet skiing whilst a nanny took your kids to a theme park and most importantly…..pouting properly. You MUST learn the art of proper pouty face to be a Hilton blogger.

  3. Jon says:

    You do know that on the Bentley it is called a tyre, don’t you?

  4. jenny_o says:

    You were too original for the. That’s my considered opinion. Well, they missed out big time, and their loss is our gain.

  5. Leigh Ann says:

    Damn those Hiltons. We need to be hotel buddies, because I have similar feelings about all of those hotel things. And I have a slight obsession with tiny shampoos and conditioners.

  6. I live in France and I STILL don’t get chosen for anything. *sigh*

    However I’m currently redoing my blog to look like all the other blogs out there, and if that doesn’t work I’ll be changing my name to Amy.

  7. Bijoux says:

    Your fourth travel tip reminds me if the time we took the kids to the Buffalo Bill museum in Cody, Wyoming and when we left, my oldest said, “I still don’t know who Buffalo Bill is.”

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