In a Funk

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  1. magpie says:

    Oh you. At least you can type! Heal fast, love.

  2. jenny_o says:

    Best wishes for rapid healing; I hope this is a distant memory very soon. And a heartfelt thank you for putting into plain language how hard it is to manage with half one’s limbs. I’ve probably said this at some point, because it has had a profound effect on me, but my father’s stroke caused one-side paralysis and it was both painful and inspiring to see how he managed and also how he accepted it. Of course, what else can a body do but accept it? It was his Always (I love your use of that word) and it couldn’t change for him – and your Now can’t change, for the time it takes to heal. Be well. Give that man of yours a medal, too.

  3. All of that with one pecking finger? You rock, my dear, if only to one side!

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