Merry Banana-mas to All, and May Your Pants Be Skin-Tight

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  1. Bijoux says:

    We have a local ice cream shop that sells a concoction called The Destroyer. It feeds about 20 people. I’m now thinking the kids working the counter have more fun making it than the gluttons eating it!

    Merry Bananamas to you!

  2. Joanne says:

    My children taught my grandchildren to imbibe whipped cream straight up, from the can. There were just enough two to six year olds to form a good line while the silly grownups went at all the little mouths tipped up like little birds. I believe it was a merry turkeymas. It is the stuff of legend among my grandchildren.

  3. Mine are going to have to, because I just don’t have orchestration in me this year. Instead, I’m focusing on the little pleasures.

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    I’m speechless…
    except to say that in my 3 summers of working in an ice cream parlor and stocking sorry bananas, I never once got to make the Piece de Resistance that is the Banana Split. You–LUCKY!
    And back at ya, Jocelyn.

  5. pia says:

    And people say never ever write a long post!
    You transport me into long ago worlds. I never worked in ice cream parlors–clothing stores was I.
    Have to admit I spent way too long trying to picture you doing anything with a curling iron except mocking it–even if you use one. I know that was but an aside but it’s the asides in life and writing that make it great.
    Thanks. You solved a big big problem I didn’t realize I had until a few hours ago. To blog for others or to blog for me : )

  6. pam says:

    I can imagine you made that customer’s day with your enthusiasm. Recently husband and I were having a coffee in the shopping mall. Two young women were employed at a tressle table nearby trying to sell whatever charity/air-conditioning/home delivered water/ …I can’t remember now, but their friendliness and enthusiasm was delightful to watch. Of course no-one signed up in the time we were there, but their bright faces lit up even more when we bought them a box of chocolates for the great job they were doing.

  7. Sharyl says:

    Bravo! I enjoyed that, too:)

    Have a stupendous, delicious, and ecstatic holiday, Jocelyn!

  8. logo™ says:

    That all sounds great except the banana part.
    Hope you have those moment in this season too.

  9. Maria says:

    You were so much more fun than I ever was. I worked at an ice cream store my freshman year in college and I used to glower at people when they ordered banana splits because they were so time consuming to make! The experience did get me to avoid ice cream for years because just the smell of it made me sick. The same thing happened to me with corn. One summer, we had a bumper crop of corn on our farm and I think we froze about 2000 bags of it. I couldn’t even look at corn without feeling queasy for many years.

    Now, I’m back on the ice cream feed bag, though….and corn on the cob too….

  10. christopher says:

    Yes…the unplanned and the spontaneous times are to treasure.

    I hope a Merry surprise awaits you.

  11. chlost says:

    Just catching up with my post-holiday blog readings. What fun to visit you in a Montana ice cream shop. Of course, it was especially nice to picture it NOT being winter.

    I hope you had a fun, and very Merry holiday with all of those you care about.

  12. I really wish I had some ice cream after that. I may have to eat an ice-creamless banana split.

  13. Happy New Year, Jocelyn. I think I might need some whipped cream at the very least.

  14. lime says:

    i know your wish is for us but i have to say, i derive joy from being the one who tips extravagantly because of the entertainment value. then i can guarantee some joy because i helped create it for another. but i do also receive with gladness the extravagance of others toward me or even toward each other. so thanks for the wish, hold the banana, and extra whipped cream and hot fudge please. and may your tuesday afternoons of wednesday evenings or whatever day be magical.

  15. sweffling says:

    Wonderful writing, of course! After Christmas my pants are always too tight:) May you and yours enjoy the fruits of getting life by the scruff of the neck in 2014 and shaking out all its gifts.

  16. Meg says:

    Serendipity. The very best gift of all.

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