…Or Maybe a Chunk At A Time

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  1. Lil says:

    Next time you go east, go more east and come to Montreal. We have kick ass middle eastern food – and many many byob restaurants.

    • Jocelyn says:

      Honey, Montreal is one of the BIGGEST travel desires of my life–because it seems properly foreign enough to be a “cultural” experience, yet it’s just a long drive away, really. It will happen. Brace yourself.

      I’m prepping now to love the food when I come. And the booze. And you.

  2. Enjoy your stay in Our Fair Commonwealth! I reside just three hours north of Harrisburg, close to the New York border. Should you have a sudden overwhelming urge to visit the Corning Museum of Glass please let me know, I’ll drive up for a meetup! 🙂

    • Jocelyn says:

      Wouldn’t that be lovely? I would adore a meet-up. Truth be told, a museum of glass is a pretty strong draw… we’re booked up, itinerarywise, until our mad race home in a couple weeks, though, so it’s probably iffy. But now the idea’s in the hopper.

  3. kmkat says:

    Coffee in n.w. Wisconsin: between 6am and about 1pm, Julia’s Java in Milltown on WI Hwy 35. And if you stop there and don’t come to my house I shall drop a jinx on you that you will never recover from. Between 6am and 7pm, Cafe Wren, just north of Luck on WI Hwy 35. Same deal with the stopping in and the jinx.

    I love the photo from the Ferris wheel. V. original — good enough to publish somewhere (besides the blog, I mean).

    We toured the Hershey thingie back in 2002 when Elder Son was checking out colleges on the Right Coast. Mmmm…

    • Jocelyn says:

      I should have specified: coffee in the mid-Dells. It was a hurting proposition.

      I’m scared of your jinxes and smiling that you like the photo. You are so ying and yang.

      Hershey’s is actually a chocolate I can barely tolerate, but Paco’s waaaay excited, and who am I to get crabby about touring a chocolate factory?

  4. Jess says:

    Are you going to Rhode Island to visit my birthplace? You ARE, aren’t you??!?!?

    • Jocelyn says:

      Yes. We’re staying in the house you grew up in. We’ll be there mid-August. Don’t tell anyone; it’s a surprise.

      Actually, we maaayayyyayayayay get to RI, but more than likely, maybe not. We have to save the best for when the kids are even more developed, intellectually.

  5. Road trip – I love ’em. Guidebook in hand. As for Chicago, I love Chicago. All the museums and the food. Ballgames. Music. I also understand about forgetting the camera for a few days. I think that is called a Travel Coma.

    • Jocelyn says:

      Road trips are some of the highlights of my youth, and I’m so appreciative I have a job that allows me to pass that feeling on to my kids. The map gazing; the random stops; the feeling of subcultures within our larger culture and, at the same time, significant regional differences… Chicago was a great first stop, and today I’ve been marveling at the rolling green-ness of West Virginia and Pennsylvania, states I haven’t been through in decades.

  6. chlost says:

    So-Are you there yet?

    • Jocelyn says:

      We’re in Harrisburg, PA, tonight…heading to Hershey tomorrow and then, after the factory, on to DC for a week. Up to CT (using it as a base into NYC and perhaps the shore) after that.

      • chlost says:

        I have loved road trips since I was a kid, even when my dad made us pee into a coffee can rather than find a bathroom. At least he stopped alongside the road and we were able to maintain our dignity by being between the opened passenger and back seat doors which opened out toward the ditch. It was always an adventure!
        Looking forward to the next installment of your trip.

  7. Bone says:

    Ooo, Pennsylvania! Did you go to Three Mile Island? If not, maybe you can swing by on your way back through, pick me up a postcard, or at least take a few pics 🙂

    I’ve never actually visited Chicago. Only driven thru a couple times. Love the Ferris wheel pic.

  8. Friko says:

    I’d love to do a road trip in the US. I understand your roads are wide and empty and you are not allowed to go faster than crawl. At least that’s what we found in New England some years ago.

    I am about to go back one and ponder the good blog question.

  9. lime says:

    whispers, “crayola factory and martin guitar factory” if they get you to stop in my neck of the woods….

  10. Pam says:

    Did the great U.S road trip in 1978, east to west, north to south, with two carloads of other hormonal Australian young women students , also in their twenties. We thought we were invincible. How we survived the laughter and tears (and driving on the other side of the road to what was normal for us) I’ll never understand. Somehow seems safer and wiser the way you’re doing it.
    (Our ‘chaperone’, our Australian uni. lecturer almost abandoned us for starry-eyed true love in Buffalo N.Y)
    Guess jumping ship,with benefits, looked like an attractive proposition considering being the only male in all that high-tension fiasco!
    Have fun!!

  11. I was in Hershey, PA as a child. I don’t remember taking the tour but the entire town smelled like chocolate. Happy coma, darling!

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