Over the River and Through the Tunnel

We aren’t fans of resolutions around here, nor are we particularly go-getters. However, as it turns out, we each have something we’d like to achieve in 2013.

Allegra’s goal for this year is to learn to skate ski. We got her outfitted with rental equipment yesterday; she’ll use it the next six Sundays with the skating group in the kids’ Nordic Ski program here in town. Byron took her out for a few minutes–to try out the sizes of boots, skis, and poles they’d given her–and it was lovely.

Paco’s goal for the new year is to make it three months without suffering from a bout of strep throat. So far, seeing as he’s home from school today after a quick culture taken at the grocery-store clinic yesterday afternoon, he’s failing miserably. In better news, he likes the taste of his current antibiotics, and that makes life easier for everyone in the house. As well, he’s thriving on Daddy’s pho (the kid LOVES that broth and the rice noodles) and ramekins of applesauce.

He's also suffering from a serious case of Enlarged Eye Syndrome.
He’s also suffering from a serious case of Enlarged Eye Syndrome.


Byron’s goal for this year is to grow his facial scraggle long enough that we can braid some beads into it. I love that my beau is my plaything.

He also agreed to a lipstick-based photo sending out New Year's Kisses. Summary: the guy is free of hang-ups. Plus, he'd be hella pretty drag queen.
He also agreed to a lipstick-based photo for sending out New Year’s Kisses. Summary: the guy is free of hang-ups. Plus, he’d be hella pretty drag queen.


And me? Well, recently I spent a few hours leafing through old photos, and I encountered this one from Easter of 1971, in which I, suffering from an ear infection, look as woebegone as Paco does today; my brother, as ever, tends to me; and my sister poses proudly, showing off a hairstyle that she and I were crazzzzzy for in the early ’70s.

It's called The Tunnel Bun.
It’s called The Tunnel Bun.

Inspired by this photo, I found my goal for the year. In 2013, I’m bringing The Tunnel back.

I'm also going to be promoting a look called "Wear Your Hanger Strings Outside Your Sweater."
I’m also going to be promoting a look called “Wear Your Hanger Strings Outside Your Sweater.”







17 responses to “Over the River and Through the Tunnel”

  1. Lil Avatar

    No. Do NOT bring back the tunnel bun.


  2. Jess Avatar

    I prefer to call it “The bunnel.”

  3. Friko Avatar

    I wish all of you every success with you endeavours for 2013. A bun, an eye enlargement, a smackeroo from a lip-sticked male and gliding along gracefully on ice in June, what’s not to like?

    Happy New Year belatedly, Jocelyn.

  4. Pearl Avatar

    I so want to slide a pen through that tunnel bun. 🙂


  5. Bone Avatar

    Yes! Can it go front-to-back or does it only go side-to-side? Because a tun-hawk, that would be something.

    I’ve never skied. Well, I water-skied once, but as I recall, the skis were more wearing me for protection.

    Happy New Year!

  6. lime Avatar

    poor paco has my sympathies. my eldest limelette was a victim of the strep bug. her first grade year she had it 7 times in 9 months…and then we scooped out her tonsils and it made a world of difference.

    that tunnel bun….my but what a look that is. i never sported one but i can remember being 5 and sleeping in curlers so i could have a marlo thomas flip for my school picture…and the shade of lipstick really does bring out the blue in byron’s eyes.

  7. Secret Agent Woman Avatar

    How is skate skiing different from cross country – are they shorter skis?

    And I’m siding with Lil – I don’t care how many celebrity photos you produce – don’t bring it back.

    1. Jocelyn Avatar

      There are two “styles” of cross-country skiing: classic and skating. When you keep your feet parallel and use groomed trails (that is, the tracks are made for you by a machine), that’s classic; when you put your feet into a V-shape as they move and don’t use groomed tracks, then it’s skating. You go much faster with skating. In the Winter Olympics, there are both classic and skating races. I only know how to classic cross-country ski; I’m starting to think I’d like to learn to skate, too. In the videos there, both Byron and Allegra are skate skiing in the first video; in the second one, Allegra is still working on figuring out the push and timing of skating, but Byron is classic skiing there.

      And I’m starting to think–between your comment and Lil’s–that you guys don’t find Allegra and me POSITIVELY BEAUTEMOUS in that last photo…

      1. Secret Agent Woman Avatar

        Yes I do, but only from the top of your heads down. 😮

  8. VioletSky Avatar

    Luckily for me, I do not remember this style.
    And you both look beautemous, though I think you need the glam dresses to match the hairdo:)

  9. Green Girl in Wisconsin Avatar

    Only if you pair that tunnel bun with an extra-long jean skirt and bright white tennis shoes. That’s the acceptable way to pull off such a look.
    Skate skiing! Brava!

  10. kmkat Avatar

    I think Allegra has nailed her resolution. I remember learning to skate-ski with downhill skis — it’s the best way to cover the flat ground between the bottom of the hill and the chairlift. But you probably already knew that.

    Happily, I do not remember the tunnel bun. Perhaps it was a MT thang?

  11. Meg Avatar

    Will you be doing an YouTube tutorial on creating The Tunnel Bun? I, for one, have never constructed such an engineering feat, and lordy knows I’d like to try my hand at it. Proving once again that we lead oddly parallel lives, my kids participated in the Nordc ski program here for several years, but it was sacrificed to the God of Science Olympiad last year. I must also confess that your mister’s smile is uber-lovely with the added definition of fuscia lipstick, which he wears surprisingly well. How nice to be able to share cosmetics with your beloved! And then you can braid and bead each other’s hair! Just like the slumber parties of yore.

  12. Logo™ Avatar

    I have classic x-country skiers in my family and never found it particularly fab, but that looks awesome. Skate skiing might be good although, I have no cartilage in my knees which frequently makes such things less than… what is the word… possible? Graceful? attractive? All of that.

    Byron is wonderful plaything, lucky gal.

    Shame about the eye, not sure if there is treatment for that.
    Allegra looks better in skate skis than a bunnel but she is beautemous no matter what she wears. As for you? The mischief sparkling in your eyes is way better looking than the bun but not even that can make you less than beautemous either.

  13. Your sister Avatar
    Your sister

    I’m a little confused at the lack of absolute LOVE for the tunnel bun. It’s awesome. You guys look awesome. I’m in full support of it. And I was showing my new Easter toy, that I remember, in my ultra short dress and tunnel bun.

    1. Jocelyn Avatar

      My reaction aligns with yours, K. The gorgeosity of the Tunnel Bun must confuse some eyes; that’s all I can reason.

      And also: not only has Christina Milan worn a tunnel bun on the red carpet recently, Beyonce has sported a version of it (with a braid in front of it), as well. I’m actually NOT sending a copy of the pic of Allegra and me to Jay-Z out of fear that he’d leave his wife for one of us.

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