Piano 4

Dirty Ivory

As I run the wet paper towel back and forth, thin lines of dust — dark worms of motes and lint — twine into an abstract portrait of neglect. By the time I get to Middle C, I have refolded the paper three times, burying the filth, wrapping my fingers in new...

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Hand Knocking Border 4

Who’s There?

The knock on the door startled me. No one had ever knocked on my door before. Quickly, I wrapped up my phone conversation, telling my parents I had to go and would talk to them soon. Then I pushed back the dinged-up wooden chair I’d been sitting on – the...

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IMG_20160518_112619 1

Preschool Pom Poms

Out of the cacophony of Facebook, good things can emerge. Tips, recommendations, friendships, support, connections, networking — all of these have come to me through Facebook. But my favorite Facebook moments happen when a thinking person uses the platform for storytelling. My friend Ellen is a master at maximizing the...

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Graffitti Door 2 2

Seven Days

Day 1 In the space of 17 hours, my brain is packed with thoughts of race, discrimination, and the ambling drift of change. First, I hear the story behind a song Billie Holiday made famous,”Strange Fruit,” about the lynching of almost-three young black boys in Marion, Indiana, in 1930. After white citizens broke...

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creek elf 1

The Creek Elves

He doesn’t care that I’m running past him, earbuds in. From his three-foot height, perspective is a tricky thing. Intending to slide by, I smile at the little boy. As soon as his eyes meet mine, though, words fly through the gap in his top front teeth. A big boy at age...

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IMG_20160502_140833026 1

Be Your Own Badass

I fear I am a one-note writer. So many of my essays are expressions of gratitude — although sometimes I bury it deeply enough that readers simply think the piece was about eating pie (blueberry up my nose) or getting new shoes (don’t touch: MINE) or loving my kids (Have you...

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Sloggin’ in the Rain

I like to pretend that life is a musical wherein all the Best Moments are enhanced by atmospheric lighting and the promise of a standing ovation. For me, everything — from the making of pancakes to the folding of laundry — takes on a brighter sheen if it is accompanied...

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A good neighbor 7

A Good Neighbor: Remembering Prince

I pull up to the high school — running late! — and park at the curb. It’s my first time driving since shoulder surgery, my first time behind the wheel in six weeks. I’m shaky. As I put the car into Park, Allegra bursts through the doors of the school’s glass...

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IMG_20160418_114430400 2

So Many Losers

It’s time to announce the winners of the book giveaway! The winner of Girl Through Glass is: Linda Solstrand The winner of Queen of the Night is: Jessica Rapisarda I’ll be contacting each of you to get mailing information. Read in good health. Smear the pages as  you will. I...

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Book Giveaway 4

Book Giveaway

I have a thing about bananas. Because they are my preferred breakfast food, I need to have them in the house at all times. If we are out of bananas, or even if we are running low, I can’t relax. If need be, I will zip down to the grocery...

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