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  1. magpie says:

    You have a lot of fun. I wish I’d been at that party. I’d have brought popcorn & sherry, because it’s what we do in my family. Freshly popped, with butter and salt, and a nice Amontillado alongside. Not very summery, but there you have it.

    • Jocelyn says:

      I can’t read the word “Amontillado” without thinking of Poe,

      but I’m working through that issue and considering the possibility of popcorn and Poe. I mean, Amontillado. I do believe I could at least marry into your family.

  2. Meg says:

    Hot damn! I want to party with you! I would likely have brought my signature guacamole and margaritas or tabouli and beer. Maybe both.
    Byron’s bike is impressive. I hope for his sake, he’s not a lefty.

    • Jocelyn says:

      Ah, one question lingers: what kind of beer goes with the tabouli? We did have a late-arrival black bean salsa with margaritas–a heavenly match, indeed.

  3. I know what you mean about the elite runners; I had the chance to see a couple of Kenyan runners in a fun five miler in Red Bank, New Jersey. Something about the elegance of their form, the beauty of their bodies doing what they are apparently made to do- run fast and lightly and gracefully, actually made me cry.

    • Jocelyn says:

      I’m with you; it’s a blessed thing of beauty to see such grace in action.

      You know, kind of like how I can cry at the sight of a properly-placed apostrophe.

  4. The pairings party sounds like a) fun and b) the recipe for a hangover if you mix all those delicious alcoholic beverages!

    You look quite svelte in your runner’s gear these days.

  5. chlost says:

    I shall never understand voluntarily and for no good reason putting yourself through a run like that, especially in the depths of a Minnesota hot and humid summer night. But I have to say, that Somali-American looks as though his body was designed for long-distance running. Mine was not.
    Your party looks like fun. It is great that your friends all had such creative and fun ideas. These are the good old days….. we look back at the fun we had as families with kids of those ages.
    And I do remember the days of summer. I suffered through them as a kid, and as a parent. I found that my threat to find something (like cleaning or other relatively unpleasant but helpful task) for them to do unless they came up with their own activity worked wonders for their creativity.

  6. pam says:

    Had heaps of fun looking at your photos. Would have bought pizza and coke to your party because husband is on a strict diet (low cholestrol, low sugar, fat free, too much starch is a no-no)). I would break out and go for it!! I would misbehave with a chewy cholestrol-laden cheese “everything” pizza to share, and burpy coke and you could all applause my ripper “boy burps” – my excuse being absent without leave R&R.”

  7. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    Want something to do but don’t want to do anything–ah, to have the childhood problem of boredom!
    I’m pissed (still) that we aren’t neighbors because you are so funny and that looks like the best kind of fun party. I may steal the idea if it’s all right with you.
    Anyone who runs a race is a winner in my book–I’ve never done it and I think it looks courageous.

  8. Lil says:

    The armour. Byron looks like such a warrior in that armour.

    I want your summer please.

  9. kmkat says:

    1. What a great idea for a party! (Not to mention a tummy ache and hangover, but we shall not speak of that.) I would have brought blue cheese, saltines, pecan halves, and red wine — my favorite bedtime snack.
    B. You look right frisky at the end of the race –arms still held high, unlike the grandpa in front of you.
    iii. The duct tape thing is also a cheap way to get a custom dress form.
    d) Another blogger’s son broke his wrist recently. He brought a video controller along when he had the break casted; the doc molded the cast so he could hold the controller.
    V. Byron’s black cast is tres chic.

  10. Monica says:

    I LOVE that last photo… but you knew I would…

    Cool party, I would have brought waffles and Norwegian brown goat cheese…and home made elder flower lemonade…

  11. Friko says:

    Haven’t times changed when it comes to kids and their holidays. I may be imagining things (THE PAST WAS SO MUCH BETTER :-), but we children went out to play on the first day of the holidays and came back inside on the last day, being thoroughly tired, filthy, with scraped knees, ravenously hungry and burnt to a cinder by the neverending sun. Now the entertainment is organised, supervised by adults and relentless and parents feel obliged to provide it day after day. I see few children playing in the meadow by the river, unless the day is very hot and they need to cool off in the water. This is a totally safe environment and the possibilities for playing are endless but the imagination is lacking. We’d have been pirates, cowboys and indians, doctors and nurses – the latter hidden in the bushes – and we’d have swum in the river, built dams and fished. I cannot remember one holiday where my parents organised a single activity when I was under 12, say.

    Your party was surely a lot of fun; I like the idea of everybody bringing their own food and drink to share with everybody else. Did you play games of mismatching pairings? The worst food to go with the most unsuitable drink? There are a lot of calories on the table, no wonder running is the optional pudding. You’re looking svelte, your efforts have paid off.

    Poor Byron with his broken wrist. Hope it heals well and painlessly. Best wishes to him; to judge by his subsequent actions the fall does not seem to have been a deliberate attempt to wriggle out from family-holiday-fun-and-frolics.

  12. The trouble with your posts is that there is so much there, all of it demanding a response, that by the time I reach the end I’ve forgotten everything I wanted to say. So sorry about Byron’s newest painful stuff – Flip always said I was at war with the physical world, and while I wouldn’t quite say that about your most capable husband, he does seem to be at the mercy of a weird kind of bodily Murphy’s Law. Hope he feels MUCH better soon.

    I love your party idea. I had planned to go back to bed after feeding and medicating my cat but got caught up here and now I’m really, really hungry. Need wine and Jocelyn’s scones – at six in the morning. Houston, we’ve got a problem.

    • Jocelyn says:

      We got off very lightly, all things considered. Our basement took on a bit of water, but nothing too much. So we have a swampy yard and a sinkhole out on the avenue; it’s so much less than so many suffered. Thank you for asking…we’re all good. It mostly feels like life as normal here on our square footage.

  13. My votes are for the red wine, olive dip and bread and also for the IPA and smoked salmon thingies.

  14. Gol, but aren’t you a basket of fun. I’m with heart in san francisco: by the time I’m done reading and gawking, it’s tomorrow and I can never remember yesterday. But I do know that the perfect pairing is a good IPA and a second IPA.

  15. lime says:

    i am way late to the party here but man do i wish i could have been at the pairings party. i even know what i would have brought. i love that you shared the pairings too. i can’t imagine getting such a groovy set of offerings if i did such a party here. i obviously run with the wrong crowd. congrats to the girl on running her first 5k and under such adverse weather conditions too. bravo! and your man, zowie! wishing hi ma speedy and less complicated recovery. hope those weird problems are settling down.

  16. Bone says:

    Here I am, pounding to the line between grandpas, as is my way.

    Augh! I hate when those old guys beat me!

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