Quite Contrary, That’s How My Garden Grows

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  1. chlost says:

    Crocus envy, yes indeed! So far, the deer have only munched on Husband’s saplings. Flowers must be a second course.

  2. pam says:

    Oh god Jocelyn- your pelvic floor muscles must be stronger that mine to bounce around on that thing! Give me the more genteel art of gardening – dead sticks or otherwise, and yeah, I could weave a basket out of your dead twigs. I can always provide the happy arty-farty audience to other’s exhuberant outdoor activities, crafting on regardless. Great pics!

  3. Lil says:

    I wanna go to your house and play on your trampoline.

  4. Meg says:

    Coyote urine crystals? Now that’s intriguing! My beautiful purple tulips, usually complimented by the creeping phlox at their knees, were chopped off before they even had a chance! I raised my fist and cursed those pregnant does! I shall have to shop for coyote urine…Hmmmm.

  5. Friko says:

    Guess what, we had snow yesterday, all day. Never mind about deer, the snows and frosts can get rid of whole fields of crocuses in one fell swoop. Everything that’s been sitting up, looking pretty and giving you garden envy, is now flopping over in a very sad way. Obviously, I am not going to be stupid enough to take photos of the sorry mess for the blog; I shall wait for the next, short-lived burst of spring and get out there, snapping away like a thing possessed and pretending that everything in the garden is lovely, always has been lovely, and always will be lovely.

    I have no trampoline, that would only encourage kids to come and visit.

    I have no coyote urine ( granules or otherwise) either, how do you milk them? Coyotes, I mean. I’ve stood by the dog, holding a jug under his willy and waiting for the doings to pour – for veterinary investigations, not personal use – but I’m not sure that coyotes would hold still long enough?

  6. Hilary says:

    Sorry you’re losing your colour as fast as it arrives but there’s colour in your cheeks from jumping on that trampoline.

  7. This Georgia girl had the same thought. And I can’t believe the deer took that little hopeful crocus. But the buds show promise. Soon…

    But here’s a funny thing – as I was clicking on the link in my Reader, I saw the pansies, and thought, “Hey! those look just like my pansies!” Even the “Citizen’s pansies” didn’t clue me in – I thought that was just the name of that particular variety! Sad. So very, very sad.

  8. Weight Watcher’s looks great on you, girl!

  9. With such a splendid display of Jumping Jocelyn , who needs crocuses ?

  10. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    You are SO funny! A bulb buffet–you kill me!
    But hey, you’re WAY up north and there are some promising buds poking through.
    What I really like, however, is the No Trespassing sign on your trampoline. You use that to keep the deer off, right?

  11. Well, my daffodils are about finished blooming -and if they weren’t finished blooming then, the weather changes will knock ’em off since they are calling for snow showers for at least 3 days next week! Lovely. NOT! But unfortunately, the one plant I have no problems growing -good old dandelions -will survive all in spite of everything!

  12. Pearl says:

    Joce, you goofy woman you. ๐Ÿ™‚ I recognize my own garden in yours. More’s the pity. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have greatly enjoyed the pics of you and your boy flying. You’re a natural.


  13. kmkat says:

    My school had a trampoline when I was in junior high (as it was known back in the Age of Dinosaurs) and it was soooo much fun! You look great!

  14. magpie says:

    I’ve always thought that the fleshy red plant shootss – like your bleeding heart, and my peonies and rhubarb – are thoroughly erotic and almost naughty.

  15. lime says:

    well, first i was kind of tickled to see my little daffodil on your page. then i was laughing like a loon over your sad garden pictures. you just have no idea the black thumb of death i possess so your pictures are more representative of my truth than my picture is. those daffodils thrive because my lime planted them right over the septic field….far out of my reach. i hope the granulated coyote pee does the trick. i also used to sprinkle cayenne pepper all over my gardne to keep the bunnies and deer fro munching all the tender buds. the leaping about on the trampoline though…oh yes…i shoudl go do that myself.

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