Scrapbookin’ the Road Trip: Page One

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  1. Kirsten, the sister says:

    The enthusiastic clerk at The Bookies is Larry and he’s a former high school History teacher!! 🙂 Can you believe it? I do wonder, now, if maybe he was involved in extracurricular theater!

    And y’all, do wait for the Sofia post! She’s something else! 🙂

  2. Ooo! Ooo! Can you rainmakers please come to So. Cal?!

    Sounds like an amazing trip love the pictures. I think I would like to go to the buttery burger place with Virginia some time. She sounds hilarious. (And I’m sooo going to try her commenting under an alias trick!)

    Looking forward to reading what happened next. 🙂

  3. Pearl says:

    Man. You people are awesome.

    I did not grow up traveling. Funny thing, the moment all us kids were out of the house, my parents sold everything they had and moved to a catamaran in the Caribbean…

    Sneaky buggers.


  4. Lil says:

    Well. Having gone southwest, I can’t help but think next year you have to come northeast and stop in Montreal. We have rain too ya know. And real good beer I’m told.

  5. Maria says:

    Every so often, I allow myself a Culver’s malt. They are delicious. And the Old Market is very, very boring! Yes, Nebraska is very, very flat but very, very beautiful too. Prairie land. Maybe you have to grow up on the prairie to love it so.

    • Jocelyn says:

      I do think prairie is beautiful–and I do see Nebraska’s beauty, I swear. For some reason, this trip, the state just took forever to get across…probably because we were so tired from being up in the middle of the night. Also, I never enjoy the I-80 corridor, with all those big trucks hemming cars in on each side! But trust me: I see beauty in flat.

  6. Maria says:

    Too bad you missed the Omaha tribal dances. They are incredible to see…..

  7. We need to be Facebook friends. I just chronicled our latest road trip, complete with photos of underwear found framed and placed on the walls of an underground bathroom. As usual, you make me laugh. And if you thought Nebraska was boring, can’t wait to see what you thought of New Mexico. However, I must say that until you’ve driven through West Texas you just really don’t know ugly. Did I just say that?

    I love that photo of your kids at the Louvre.

    • Jocelyn says:

      I’m going to send you a friend request on Facebook right now!

      I HAVE driven through West Texas, and it was not so bad, really. And New Mexico (which I’ve been to maybe five times) is one of my top three states–along with Oregon and Montana. I luuuuuurrrrve New Mexico.

      Must read your road trip post now, too.

  8. chlost says:

    My daughter and son-in-law just escaped (!) from Lincoln NE. They did not find Nebraska to their liking. A very difficult place to live, I gather. And my daughter loves the prairie.
    We love road trips as well. I love seeing your photos of the family on your road trip. Can’t wait to see the rest of them. Our kids have all become adults who love road trips, despite the whining we heard from the back seat over the miles of highway during their childhood. They have admitted as adults that they are better for all of the miles, despite their jealousy of their cousins who rode on airplanes or had a dvd player in a large van for their trips as kids.
    How lucky to have summers to travel for long periods of time as both a child and an adult.

  9. actonbell says:

    Somehow, I suspect your scrapbookin’ will still be a work in progress when you are eighty. These are wonderful photos and stories.

  10. kmkat says:

    As excellently as you write, you take great photographs, too! I love the ones of Virginia (being photobombed by Mr. Long Blond Hair) and your kids in the Louvre and your sister and one-armed Paco. Rain is the saddest thing on a camping vacation; y’all have my sympathies for that 4-6am exile to the restrooms.

    We drove across Nebraska on the evening of the Fourth of July a few years back. The state was end-to-end fireworks, a tremendous improvement over its usual boring-ness.

  11. lime says:

    got me all excited by a good bed in the last post and then i am freezing on the ground alongside you all. glad for the travel opportunity though. i must get myself to bookies one day.

  12. ilyanna says:

    I can’t believe I missed you! So.sad. I live all of 3 miles from The Bookies. Your trip looks absolutely fantastic — I’ll read days 2 through eleventy tomorrow. Another fun factoid about CU: one of the dining halls is named after Alferd (spelling is correct) Packer, Colorado Cannibal.
    My impression of NM is here, because I’m an attention hoor and I also want to share my love of the desert:

  13. Meg says:

    Nebraska. I will never forget our drive through Nebraska. We couldn’t find a campsite anywhere and ended up at the municipal zoo in Scott’s Bluff for the night. Love that the cousins got to spend time together.

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