Six in Five: Thursday, February 15

Practical Uses for Jessie Diggins’ Potent Positivity

1. We could plug her into a power grid and have her light up Manhattan

2. We could seat her next to people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder and watch their spirits rise as her radiance seeps into their cells

3. We could plant her in the DMZ between North and South Korea — only ankle deep, with a lawn chair nearby — and count to ten as we watch the border dissolve

4. We could ask her to hold the pork roast we forgot to take out of the freezer before work; as soon as she’s clutching the hard block, we’d do well to preheat the oven

5. We could prop her with a stack of magazines in the basement come April — next to our seedlings that need a grow light around the clock; mid-July, the neighbors will be stopping by our gardens to compliment the vividness of our nasturtiums

6. We could ask her to exhale slowly into Mason jars — quickly screwing on the lids — and then open a store in the Mall of America called Diggin’ Light which is lined with shelves of Mason jar breath. Customers will pay $20 a pop for the opportunity to take home a whiff of her upbeat expiration, a little something they can unbottle on a particularly dark day







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