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  • The Dress

    The Dress

    While the fall semester of 2020 was widely and rightly hailed as crushing for both teachers and students, it also presented glories. For me, one glory was a 17-year-old student named Miranda who enrolled in my Writing for Social Media class. Every week, I grinned at my screen as I read her work; the character…

  • The Loaf

    The Loaf

    While I doubt it’ll make me eligible for worker’s compensation, I did suffer a trauma at the college yesterday. Settle in with a king-sized Tootsie Roll, and enjoy this tale of A Legendary Bowel. 

  • Nobody Listens

    Nobody Listens

    The last months have cast me into many varieties of stress and time-crunchedness, and whenever I do have free time near a keyboard, there is always non-blog writing that needs to be tackled. I miss blog writing. Lately, I’ve put seven minutes per week towards a long-suffering blog post, which basically means I get half…

  • Navigationally Challenged

    Navigationally Challenged

    A couple of nights ago, we sat in a “preparing your child for high school” meeting at the middle school. Several times, the speaker referred to the date of an open house “which was in the email we sent out last week.” Leaning towards Byron, I whispered, “Did you see a date in that email?”…

  • I Suck at Badges. Reading Emails. Following Rules.

    I Suck at Badges. Reading Emails. Following Rules.

    “Do you have your badge with you?” He smoothed his lapel, his gum chewing at odds with suit and tie.  “Yeah, I do,” I assured him. “It’s buried somewhere in my bag, but if you hang on a minute, I’ll set this other stuff down and dig for it.” My arms were laden with folders,…

  • The First Day of the Semester: Hour by Hour

    The First Day of the Semester: Hour by Hour

    The 8 a.m. hour: Rumpled and wild, the bedding reflects the quality of my nervous sleep. Even with relying on my new-found friend, melatonin, I woke throughout the night. By 4 a.m., I rolled around fitfully, the veil of sleep resting lightly upon me, my blood running cold with First Day nerves. This is the…

  • I’m Glad That’s Over

    I’m Glad That’s Over

      Sometimes I get ranty on my students. This happens, in particular, when they kvetch about having to take classes that are “stupid” because some coursesĀ “don’t have anything to do with what I’m going into.” Of course, were these students expressing their frustrations at the keyboard, that sentiment would readĀ “tehy are stuppid cause they dont…