I’m Glad That’s Over

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3 Responses

  1. Ilyanna says:

    Hahahsha. You know that physics had come nigh to killing me this semester, right? I need a C to pass, and i want to actually understand, what with planning to teach it. I’m grateful for a week of to soothe the burning in my brain pan.

  2. kmkat says:


    I LIKE math and physics, and they nearly killed me in college, too.

    ::slinks away::

  3. Maria says:

    We don’t do the “what I’m thankful for” dance either. When we had Thanksgiving at my Sister’s home, we did that and I HATED it. Mostly because my racist brother in law would say something totally obnoxious like, “I’m glad we don’t live down with the (rhymes with biggers) and that my grandkids are safe.” Yes, he actually said that once. This year, we are in the middle of a lovely ice storm and just hoping to get through dinner before the ice snaps the wires outside and we lose power. And we’ve decided to have a “who had the worst thing happen this year” contest. I’ve got that one in the bag, I suspect. But, it will be a fun day. Best to you and yours.

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