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  • Five in Five: Friday, February 9

    Five in Five: Friday, February 9

    A long-simmering conversation has reached a boil this week in Duluth; everyone’s a’poppin’. I mean, I wasn’t a’poppin’ because I don’t read the newspaper, and I try to avoid public conversations because they invariably make me hate people, but I discovered just how buzzy folks were getting when questions started hitting my DMs, and every…

  • Grit


    I wrote this more than a year ago. I am re-running it. The world is too awful. It was a glorious spring day, the hard edges of the air softening into mildness, the sun reflecting in puddles, spirits sitting up and stretching their arms to the sky. Awaking from the freeze of winter, everyone was…

  • A Message for the White People

    A Message for the White People

    Photo: “Clayton-Jackson-McGhie-memorial-Duluth-Minnesota” by Carol M. Highsmith – Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Collection. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. ——————————————— The teens found a photo of their classmate and made some changes to it. The classmate is a young black man. They drew a noose around his neck and added the words “Gotta hang ‘em all” and shared…