Tender Toddler Tending

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3 Responses

  1. jenny_o says:

    You have made me cry, you and your tall, beautiful, tender son.

    Bless all those who tend to the vulnerable among us: the small, the ill, the elderly. I believe there is no job in life more sacred.

    Off to blow my nose now.

  2. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    Your son–there are not words to complement his kind, patient, loving heart. And this essay–you’ve written a lot of glorious stuff, but THIS is now my favorite. The Pacos of the world will save us from our bitter, horrible nature, won’t they? And I love that you encouraged him to step outside of his comfort zone where he did, in fact, find another one.

  3. I have been driving in one of those cars, heartbroken, for many days now. You described my emotional state very well. Thank you for this story which restores my hope.

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