That Time of the Semester

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  1. lime says:

    i think i’d be inclined to tell ann eliza about the development of women’s resources center so she could get out of her baby-making, slave-like existence and develop some marketable skills rather than about social media. of course if i were actually your student i’d not want to fail because i completely ignored the assignment so it would be carefully crafted to include online support groups, email addresses of divorce and custody attorneys, and distance learning opportunities. i’d also explain to her the importance of clearing the browser history after use.

  2. I’m with both students–I’d have been that kid reading and re-reading and re-reading the test and then asking you “exactly what do you want me to do here.”
    And I’m that grown woman wanting to be in your class because I have a serious crush on you (in a SAHM, MWC kind of way).
    My nightmares about teaching generally involved horribly behaved students. They were always worse than my waitressing nightmares–you know, the one where the line wraps around the restaurant and all tables have 7 or more people and you’re out of EVERYTHING.

  3. kmkat says:

    I finished college when you were (probably) wearing pigtails and breaking Montana broncs, but I still have the occasional late-for-class-forgot-the-assignment-where-are-my-clothes nightmare. Actually, not so much a nightmare as a flashback (except for the missing clothes).

    I too would love to be in your class.

  4. And I want to read some of those letters!

  5. MakingSpace says:

    Good goddess! The last bit about the significance of final exams – it’s like you live in my head. I’m a college instructor too, and I think it’s the word “final” that does me in. I can’t wrap my brain around this ONE experience supposedly representing anything final in a young person’s life. Argh.

    Also, you’re funny.

  6. This makes me both envy and pity your students, and I would have sent both those responses to you.

    I had a vivid pre-dissertation defense nightmare where my committee consisted of green-skinned, big-headed aliens and I stood before them covered in the mud I’d had to wade through to get there. Yeah, not too subtle.

  7. logo™ says:

    The zen of social media writing finals.

    I wonder if Ann Eliza would wish to upgrade after reading your student’s replies.

  8. Bone says:

    A. Love your exam “question.”

    2. My college dream involves me missing class (possibly on purpose, I’m not sure), then eventually I just stop going to one or two of my classes altogether though I never officially “drop” them. So then I worry for the rest of the quarter/dream about whether I’ll get an incomplete, or an F, or something worse.

    And D. My favorite exams were the ones where I could write pages of, as you say, collateral malarkey, just to satisfy some word-count requirement, then hope the professor just skimmed it, at best.

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