Twelve Days of Summer with My Twelve-Year-Old: DAY ELEVEN

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4 Responses

  1. jenny_o says:

    Ah, sweet series of photos – and how excellent of Paco to come through with a compliment.

    And, your kids look so much like you – strong genes or what!

  2. Maria says:

    Ok. I am totally freaking out here. That doll house on that rug? We had the EXACT same dollhouse which is still in our basement because I have not been able to give it to Goodwill and we still have that rug. Liv worked all day long one hot Summer day when she was 10 duplicating the patterns of that rug in a painting. And the chair by the radiator? That is our chair. It still sits in our living room and is my “cuddle up with the dog” chair after I get chemo. The radiator is ours, too. But, I am guessing that a lot of people can say that. Except that ours has a board on it with plants all over it. But, I was totally freaked out. Like what if I come to your house one day and find out that you have the same kitchen table (old fashioned wooden one with a barstool leg in the middle to hold it up…Bing actually made it, so I will totally ZAP if you have one, too) or beds (ours has a plain wooden plank headboard that goes up about four feet…we found it in the attic when we moved in, Liv’s is a plain steel one, painted white. Allegra or Paco don’t have that one, or um…do they?) So, after squinting at all the photos trying to see if we had more matches…I finally went back and read the captions and really looked at the photos and I was so charmed. What lovely pink cheeks! What angelic smiles! I especially loved the one at the end where they are sharing the sofa. I can tell you right now that Allegra has more maturity than Liv regarding feet in that close proximity of her. Unless it is Channing Tatum, no feet would ever get that close to her face. I am hoping that you will do your next 12 days on Allegra? And I LOVE it that she needed all of you to help her learn to drive. When Liv got her learning permit at 15, she asked to drive home! I was so mad, accused Bing of teaching her to drive on the sly! I will never know who taught her to drive, but someone did…….and I know it sounds stupid and selfish but I wanted it to be ME. I envisioned long drives together in the country, talking and laughing. Not happening. She just got behind the wheel and we took off….

  3. Monica says:

    wonderful wonderful post!! loved the pics of those cuties – as well as of the 2 teenagers cuddled up on the sofa! Best of luck to Girl with the driving… and of the womanhood…

  4. Deborah says:

    This is quite the gift to your kids, Jocelyn. A lot of time went into posting and captioning those photos, and what a wonderful record they are. It’s pretty much the most wonderful thing ever when siblings are also really good friends, and I hope for yours that they stay that way. Two of mine used not to be able to stand each other, but now seek each other out. My niece and nephew, once very close, have struggled to stay that way once partners entered the picture. That’s a bit my story too – a brother who I adored married a woman who didn’t care for the fact that he had a sister. Or a family, for that matter, and although I don’t like to think this way, I believe she has tried hard to detach him from us. But seeing and hearing how extraordinarily well your two get along is lovely, and the glue they have now in childhood bodes very well for their adult selves.

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