Twelve Days of Summer with My Twelve-Year-Old: DAY NINE

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4 Responses

  1. kmkat says:

    As a fellow introvert, I feel you over-stimulated, over-socialized, over-talked pain.

  2. jenny_o says:

    Two things … first, I’m also an introvert, although a talky one, and lover of smart people spreading ideas, and so I get how this was both heaven and the hot place all rolled into one. And, second, you made me weep at the end there. The exchange with your son made my heart ache all over again for my dad, who just passed away about a month ago. I didn’t become a parent to him until his health failed eight years ago. Imagine your twelve-year-old already having that empathy … imagine what a comfort he’ll be when you are old and worn and fragile … oh crap, now I’m weepy again!

  3. Maria says:

    I have to admit that I love to go to conferences but I flat out refuse to go to ones where I have to stay in a dorm or share a room. My wife is the exact opposite. She LOVES those conferences and seeks them out and because she was a teacher, almost EVERY conference she attended involved dorms and sharing. This is her idea of heaven and mine of hell. I did it for three years in college and after that, spent my academia living in terrible apartments. And YES…those cafeterias that serve mashers EVERY FREAKIN DAY! I practically lived on mashers and still connect them to college life. I ate them sometimes for breakfast….hot with two pats of butter and 3 pepper packets. I love how you have the kind of spirit that just sort of leaps into things and makes the best of it. AND you got to meet JOHN LEGEND!!! I would almost live in a dorm to listen to him. I saw an interview with him once and was astounded at how incredibly smart he was. Plus, he looks good enough to eat with mashers.

  4. actonbell says:

    This was a good read in so many ways, where to begin…I love the way you succeed in getting you alone time and beer.

    ” Completely, entirely, radically, the interviewer was unable to grasp that a person’s private beliefs are separate from his area of academic inquiry. ” I hear that–scary. And I’m also disgusted with how some people still can’t get over the fact that the president’s father just happened to be Muslim. Twenty-somethings don’t have any concept that Islam was not “scary” before 9-11. Skin-deep thinking.

    This does sound like an interesting conference! I wish I had your energy too 🙂

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