Twelve Days of Summer with My Twelve-Year-Old: DAY SEVEN

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2 Responses

  1. jenny_o says:

    Oh, how I love this series. Your kids remind me of ours, except mine are older now. Old enough that miss them a lot. Boo hoo. You are a great mother. And you have a great family.

  2. Maria says:

    I love it that you just allow your kids to be themselves. That’s the hardest part of parenting, yes? You just have to sit there and smile and let them be whatever flower in the garden that they need to be. Some need lots of sun and care. Some need practically nothing. Liv’s Father and I have been stunned that we produced a “sporty” child. The first time she held a basketball, she bounced that thing like she was Michael Jordan’s kid and not the kid of a shrink and a geologist. (Sure, Tinton can rock climb, but he was bench sitter his whole high school career and I was Allegra, always smashed my glasses and just tried not to get a black eye….) And now I have learned to love the bleachers and have a lawn chair in my trunk at all times. Softball and basketball rule our evenings. And we live in Nebraska, so are Cornhuskers. It seeps into your blood. You have no choice. But….I am crazy in like with your kids, J. They are just…themselves….brilliant in their own shining ways. And your fingers are never all over their backs. I have always admired that parenting style and try hard to emulate it.

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