Twelve Days of Summer with My Twelve-Year-Old: DAY SIX

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  1. jenny_o says:

    I teared up, too. I know just what you mean. Good for Paco.

  2. Maria says:

    Good for him! I was hoping you’d set him to the task soon…or Allegra. Liv loves to mow and so does Bing…they FIGHT over it. I just sit there and quietly snicker to myself.
    And your work out regimen is very very scary to me. I walk the dog. That is my work out. Of course, I can always blame it on the fact that I am in the middle of chemotherapy, but the truth is that even before the cancer….um…that was my work out. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about the lumpy thing going on because of the…yes…sirree bob….chemo. Now, I have to worry about looking like I have an eating disorder…which of course, I do…it is called throwing up because of….let’s hear it now, boy howdy….CHEMO. I still love you even if you are so damn fit and have such adorable kids. I vote that you take on the days of Allegra next. I want to know her as well as I am getting to know Paco. I swear, I want him to come to live with me. It’s THOSE LIPS. Ok…stopping now….

  3. kmkat says:

    Oh, Paco, I apologize for suggesting that you mow the lawn — you were way ahead of me. Such a dear boy, that one. A kid who volunteers to help mow? Worth his weight in gold. And duct tape.

    I went through the plantar fasciitis thing a number of years ago. The thing that allowed it to heal — after wearing super comfy and supportive sneakers with my business suit for three months and having a cortisone shot in my heel — was a simple exercise to do EVERY TIME I STOOD UP. Flex your knee and ankle, then, keeping the ankle flexed, slowly straighten the knee. That’s it. It stretches out the tendons/muscles/stringy thingies that shrink a bit when you sit or lie down, and, apparently, stretching them in that manner does not re-injure the plantar fascia. I know, weird.

    This growing old stuff is definitely not for sissies; injury comes more easily, and healing more slowly, than when we were 25. Or even when we were 45. Or 55. So listen to your body, give it what it needs, and don’t overdo in the pursuit of SuperStrength. Having once attained Clydesdale status, the mental part will stay with you; the physical part can slide just a tiny bit.

    (Did you know WedMD is funded/sponsored by Big Pharma? Take any of their advice on medications with a grain of salt. Heh.)

    Once again, you have enlighted and brightened my day with your writing 🙂

  4. Bone says:

    Byron’s working full-time away from home now, so he’s useless.

    I cackled aloud. What? Men can cackle!

    I heard the other day that WebMD only gives the correct diagnosis about one-third of the time. However! The (highly-scientific, I’m sure) study I was listening to went on to say that SIXTY percent of the time the correct diagnosis IS included in WebMD’s top THREE possible conditions. So… I’m sure this has been immensely helpful, as usual.

    Also, these posts are making me hunger for fresh strawberries. I cannot be the only one.

  5. Lil says:

    Me, I’m just lumpy. And I totally get your thing about drinking away the pain. We should get together and do that sometime (all the while whining about the soon to anesthetized pain).

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