Walk of Shame Snow Woman

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  1. jenny_o says:

    This is hilarious, Jocelyn – I recall a photo and reference to WoSSW but never caught the posts – probably before I came along. Hmmmm… one must wonder if ANY of this leans toward autobiographical … actually one wonders only about the errant heinie grab, since one is already sure of your and hub’s parenting skills and work ethic … There might need to be a “where are they now” segment this winter, do you think??

  2. kmkat says:

    omg, this is wonderful! I remember WoSSW but not the entirety of her sage. Gonna include this in the current week’s link post if that’s okay. You need a wider audience!

  3. Bone says:

    “Smiling as hugely as her straight stick allowed,” mental hi-hat, (menthol)…

    My MacBook lies covered in a freshly fallen blanket of brilliant lines.

    Also, as a new (non-mustachioed) Baby Daddy myself, I’m always on the lookout for something to read to Baby Bone. What ages is your story recommended for (in snowman weeks, of course)?

  1. December 11, 2016

    […] Walk of Shame Snow Woman. […]

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