Yellow-Bellied Chicken Hearts

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  1. Kirsten says:

    This pal loves the read. Ready for more.

  2. Laura Alexander says:

    Hey, remember that one time when Jocelyn put a fly in the microwave at Hipster Doogan & it exploded? LOL! Hi, Jocelyn! Don’t know if you will remember me, but I stumbled onto your blog while feeling a bit nostalgic about my teenage years working in the mall during the Christmas holidays.(I haven’t seen snow in 11 years!)Oh those halcyon, carefree days before there where computers & MTV actually played music videos..when it was Connie’s night off & we took turns making each other hot fudge shakes & nacho cheese pretzels while discussing the finer points of”The Fabulous Stains”&”Breaking Glass” before closing time. I remember when I handed Melissa Keller 50 bucks of my hard-earned scooping money & she brought me back denim miniskirted treasures exclusively from Madonnaland at Macy’s in NEW YORK CITY! When you move away from someplace, you imagine that things are exactly as you left them, but alas,Hipster Doogan is no more! According to the Rimrock Mall online directory, The Cattle Company & JB’s have given way to Starbucks & Victoria’s Secret -making RM just like any other mall in America & all that remains is Orange Julius! I wonder if they still have to wear brown polyester uniforms? -Laura

  3. Avie Layne says:

    “INTERPERSONAL COWARDICE.” My new go-to phrase. I love how it fits so many people that are within my own sphere, which incidentally overlaps yours on occasion. Perhaps this shall also be a measuring tool for myself. The next issue that arises I shall have to ask myself if I am suffereing from “INTERPERSONAL COWARDICE.”

  4. Jess says:

    Ooh, this hits home in a big way. I have always been a yellow-bellied chicken-livered low-down dog when it comes to having the conversation. You’re so right about it being worth it though.

  5. Lil says:

    OK, how about I come down to Duluth, and we have “the conversation” along with a bottle of wine. I have no idea what the conversation will be about, but if there’s wine involved, I’m all for it.

  6. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    Yep. My dad taught me the same thing when I wanted to quit my waitressing job. Told me I had to give 2 week’s notice. Part of being a big girl, owning it, being honest, talking to people. It sure keeps a lot of misunderstanding and hurt at bay if you can manage to talk.

  7. Maria says:

    I’m just jealous that you have dance talent! I took exactly ONE dance class. The instructor told my Mother that I had no coordination for dance and was brutally honest. She repeated to me exactly what the dance teacher had said and I never tried out for anything physical again. I still can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. So, I am seething with jealousy right now and trying to think of a talent that I have that you don’t because I am petty. But…hmmmm…..coming up empty. Shit.

  8. Bijoux says:

    Well, since I’m not a fan of confrontation, I’ve not had many of these conversations. And when I do have the conversation, I’m usually shaking, and either on the verge of tears or a heart attack.

    Oddly enough, those magnets look vaguely familiar to me.

  9. lime says:

    well now i am oh so curious and waiting for part two.

  10. chlost says:

    Rather oddly, as a pre-teen, this very tall, gangly girl took ballet lessons. I had a picture in my mind of a lithe, graceful, tutu-wearing dancer jumping just as high as you the modern dancer. Reality hit…tall girls don’t do ballet. And tall, clumsy, self-conscious teen girls do not become dancers. These are the thoughts going through my mind as I read your story about your dance experience.
    I love that your parents made you make that call. See how much it added to your honor?
    Have the conversation. A great motto. Print it up and post it on the office door. Put it on your business card. Include it on your email signature……Maybe it will catch on. In the meantime, I hope the second chapter comes soon.

  11. kmkat says:

    I learned to Have The Conversation back when I was an auditor. Nothing bolsters one’s big girl undies like having to discuss with a hostile accounts payable supervisor about why check numbers 10845 – 10902 are missing from all departmental records. Not that that made it exactly EASY to have the conversation in later life, just that it broke the ice for me. I hate confrontation, but sometimes it is the easier path; no heavy and clouded insides.

  12. Friko says:

    Sometimes we’re just chicken.

    It gets better with age.
    I was in a nervous funk all day yesterday because I was scared that my dentist would put her pointy thing into a receding gum today and I was planning to cancel. Then I thought: tell her, for goodness sakes, that it hurts. I did and she didn’t poke around in that part of the gum.


  13. Yes , it’s so much better to bite the bullet and get whatever it is over with . Otherwise I just wake up every morning at 4.30 and fret .
    But it never gets easier !

  14. Interpersonal cowardice is not my jam and I’m glad I have a new phrase for it. Straight talk; it works.

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