You Can Also Tune In To

…the other blog I’m posting to this year:

If you don’t click over there, how else will you know what I did last weekend?








4 responses to “You Can Also Tune In To”

  1. Jazz Avatar

    I did! but comments are off for some reason….

    Re: turkish music – do you know Omar Farouk Tekbilek. I love his stuff. His “Dance into Eternity” album is great. You can hear some of his stuff on YouTube

    1. Jocelyn Avatar

      Thanks for the heads-up on the No Comments; I just went and fixed that!

      Never heard of Omar Farouk Tekbilek. Oh, yes, I will be checking him out, if you recommend him…

  2. secret agent woman Avatar

    Whirling dervishes – very cool. But why is everyone starting to do the multiple blog thing? It’s overwhelming. Are you going to settle with one or the other as the primary one?

    1. Jocelyn Avatar

      We added in the “Tuvalet Nerede?” blog when we came to Turkey; that’s a space where all the members of our family can post about our year abroad–and where I can post sanitized things. Lots of my family and friends don’t read this blog (which I consider my “real” blog; the other one is just for the year in Turkey, to give neighbors and our kids’ friends’ parents a place to see what we’re up to), but they do read the other one. In short, this is my forever blog, but additional posts this year are being made at the other one.

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