They Say They’ll Be Done in Four Weeks…




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  1. Shania Avatar

    Four weeks in contractor speak is three months. So yeah, that looks about right. (and if you don't like the window placement, make them move it NOW, while it'll be easy)

  2. Shania Avatar

    Wow, that sounded a little bossy, didn't it?

    Sorry. I need to go visit my Silvia, then it'll be better.

  3. lime Avatar

    i'd almost be willing to live through a torn up kitchen if it meant groomeo would come ply me with homemade focaccia. i do love good bread.

  4. Jazz Avatar

    Four weeks? I work in the construction industry. Think double, hope for six…

    And if it's done in four weeks, I want your contractor's name.

  5. Midlife Jobhunter Avatar
    Midlife Jobhunter

    Hahahahahaha. Very good food, Daddy.

    Glad you took us on the tour before the demo. It is going to look fabulous.

    Loved the birth canal.

  6. jess Avatar

    That is the cutest placenta I've ever seen (by far).

  7. phd in yogurtry Avatar
    phd in yogurtry

    Do you think I could rent your kids for an evening? My kitchen self esteem has been plummeting lately.

    By the way, verrrrrrry impressed with Groom's culinary endeavors. I didn't know how to pronounce Foccacia let alone (spell it) bake it. Wow. Maybe you could rent out husbands as well as children?

  8. Jill Avatar

    If the estimate is under 6 months, take whatever number they give you and move it up to the next bigger time unit. I know that makes no sense whatsoever, so some examples: estimated one hour = one day, estimated two days = two weeks, estimated three weeks = three months.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that I'm wrong, but I personally lived out of a suitcase for 3 months while a "3 week" job was ongoing at my house.

    P.S. You have such a pleasant voice! I could listen to you all day.

  9. jess Avatar

    I would totally be your live-in nanny for hugs and focaccia.. foccacia.. that bread stuff cuz I likes bread a lot. The bf's in Mexico building huts & trying not to get bitten by scorpions so it would just be me. But your placentas, I mean children, are super cute and we could go exploring in the woods of the boondocky wilderness where you live (you live in the boondocky wilderness, right? Don't disappoint me) and get all muddy and then come home and eat foc- focca- bread, and I could roll my eyes when you tell me stories of how bad your students' grammar is. And then I could do craft projects with Groomeo and the children after dinner… Send me your address. I'll be there in a week.

  10. chelle Avatar

    oh dear!

  11. Pam Avatar

    …very very very very very good patience with the rennovations I'd say!!I think your coffee machine will come in very handy,followed closely by it's cousins the rum and brandy bottles…they, no doubt, will be approached with as much enthusiasm as time ticks on. It looks fun though, and exciting!!.

  12. Becky Cazares Avatar
    Becky Cazares

    Oh my, get the window you want, if it doesn't throw off the whole design. You'll never be sorry you did. But if you don't, you'll be sorry every time you look at the tiny one! I'd kill for a bigger kitchen window.

  13. secret agent woman Avatar
    secret agent woman

    I wish this house had bigger kitchen and bedroom windows. GIve me a view! Give me light!

    I frequnetly call my sons "Bubbie."

  14. Logophile Avatar

    I love the grilling!
    Grilling is good.
    Groom's saladizing skills rock and your babies are so cute.
    All those windows overlooking your messy porch will be faboo

  15. Liam Avatar

    Ha ha ha ha, Shania kills me…

  16. Chantal Avatar

    That looks a wee bit stressful. Just a wee. And the kids, way cute, and way appreciative. I want me some of those. Maybe we could trade for a while. 🙂

  17. Minnesota Matron Avatar
    Minnesota Matron

    Thank God I was able to stop the video and examine the title of the book on the 'kitchen' table. For a horrifying minute I thought it was a Jodi Picoult –and as much as I love you, I could never come back here again.

    Looking forward to the new kitchen, oh about 2011.

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