Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Parents

Do you ever get in your jammies and contemplate bedtime and then decide that you need to make a movie, real-quick-like, before you sack out all Tired Tiger on your sheets?

And if you do, do you then ask your parents to do “something“–so long as it contains all the best of cinema, from conflict to action to tension…with a few lulls in the middle for character development? (like showing how your sister has a penchant for “grooming” your hair, in ape-ish fashion?)

If you’ve answered these questions in the affirmative, then you just might be my son. (reminder: when the lad is “Paco,” he’s being a 14 month old and therefore talks in his special baby voice, calling his sissy “Dee-Dee”–or, better yet, “The Deetinator”)

Sidenote: not too far into the video, I mock-elbow Groom and actually whack him quite nicely in his cracked rib (he was mountain biking the other week and went over his handlebars; current practice for a cracked rib is to just leave it alone for a long time–too bad, current practice doesn’t also dictate that Your Wife Should Not Mock Elbow You In the Ribs During Healing).

What do y’all do before bedtime for fun?

And, yes, I am a leeeetle bit afraid of the answers that question will prompt. Especially if your activities, like mine, involve going bra-less.






23 responses to “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Parents”

  1. flutter Avatar

    y'all have weird foreplay.

  2. jess Avatar

    I can't wait to say I knew Paco Bandito when he was a young pip using his talent for film to survive in his horrific domestically abusive family sitiation. Poor poor lad, to have to witness that kind of violence.

    Also? What Flutter said. But I still think y'all are extremely cute. And I'm not even remotely from the south.

  3. geewits Avatar

    A little Freudian aggression there maybe? If we made a goofy video for my daughter, we would do what we used to do to annoy her: put on socks and slide around pretending we were Olympic pairs skaters. We even made the sound effects: Skssshh! Sksssh!

  4. Prefers Her Fantasy Life Avatar
    Prefers Her Fantasy Life

    I think that's how Tarintino got his start as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Jazz Avatar

    Kill Bill 3???

    The boy has talent. And what we do for fun before bedtime? It involves ice cream, dvds and the odd bottle of wine.

  6. J and J Acres Avatar
    J and J Acres

    hee hee.

    One time, Mr. C was trying to get me out of bed (this was in the morning though) and I was determined to not let him, so I put my feet up on the wall and tried to push him off the bed instead. And my feet (both of them) totally went through the wall.

    At least you don't bring down the house! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. kmkat Avatar

    You adults clearly missed your calling as stunt doubles. And Paco? That little voice makes me want to snorgle him plenty.

  8. monica Avatar

    excellent work Paco – getting those extra minutes of staying up time!! I guess mum and dad passed out right after this, exhausted ,while Paco stayed up editing…:o)

  9. secret agent woman Avatar
    secret agent woman

    Rats, the videos isn't working.

  10. secret agent woman Avatar
    secret agent woman

    (Oh, and as for bedtime when I have my kids, most often I say to them, "I'm going to get some sleep- turn off the lights and don't wake me up when you go to bed.")

  11. thecheekofgod Avatar

    When we were a big, and young, family living in a too-small apartment, we used to gather the kids in our room, put something hyper in the CD player, and jump on the bed. We'd dance like fools and pass out all sweaty beneath the single window-mounted AC.

    Those were the days. And I have the incredibly uncomfortable mattress to prove it . . .

    Just wanted to stop in and thank you for your comment at Flutter's blog. I've been called a character many times, but few will say that I have any. Thank you . . .


  12. thecheekofgod Avatar

    And the Karate Kid move at the end. Not only does it date you, it's bloody brilliant . . .

  13. actonbell Avatar

    Well. That was a bit of fun! Cute voice:)

  14. phd in yogurtry Avatar
    phd in yogurtry

    you have just watched another nitpicking video learning tool. "distract and stun nits, volume 3: slow mo kung fu as nitpicker captures with a simple comb"

    (sorry. I still haven't recovered from our nit attack four years ago)

  15. yinyang Avatar

    The Girl grooming Paco's hair was interesting – something like that would never happen in our house. I mean, sometimes I feel like running a brush through my sister's hair, but I doubt she would sit still for it!

    For fun, I usually try to catch repeats of The Daily Show, or the original airing if I'm up that late (which I really shouldn't be during school).

  16. Pam Avatar

    Before bed time, for fun, I snore in front of the t.v. and dribble on my husband's shoulder until he shakes me and says "for godsake go to bed".I am sure he'd like to "squish my head" but reserves the pinchy-finger moves necessary for lone bird-shadow shapes on the wall after I've stumbled away.No young children here, but it's given me ideas – maybe tonight I'll jump on his back!!!

  17. Chantal Avatar

    LOL the things we do for kids. And a shout out to the Kids in the Hall reference at the end. Love it!

  18. Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings Avatar
    Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

    Whoa. You're all cooler than I thought!

    Um…nope. We don't fight before bed.

    What do we do before bed? Hmmmmmm…usually it involves arguing with an almost 3 year old who uses every trick in the book NOT to go to bed.

    "rink? rink?" Drink. Drink. and "eat now?"


    But your routine, might just replace mine now.

  19. Anonymous Avatar

    Scenes of domestic violence always make me queasy.


  20. chelle Avatar

    hehe You have such a fun family!

  21. lime Avatar

    all i can say is paco's parentage is full explanation for his wonderful weirdness. ๐Ÿ™‚

    oh, and can i come play before bedtime?

  22. heartinsanfrancisco Avatar

    I really love the Bruce Lee sound effects, and Paco's voice is adorable. Broken ribs do hurt, but since Groom was willing to roughhouse, he is responsible for any hard knocks to his injury. Besides, sacrifices must be made for Art.

    Groom hasn't had a very good year, has he? I seem to recall other um, injuries of a particularly painful nature.

  23. Yo is Me Avatar
    Yo is Me

    you yahoos are ridiculous. i love it.

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