You Can Tell Rough and Final Drafts of Research Papers are Hitting When I Start Vlogging Due to Limited Hours in the Day, But What I Really Mean to Say Is ‘The Calla Lilies Are In Bloom Again’






14 responses to “You Can Tell Rough and Final Drafts of Research Papers are Hitting When I Start Vlogging Due to Limited Hours in the Day, But What I Really Mean to Say Is ‘The Calla Lilies Are In Bloom Again’”

  1. Steve Avatar

    I'm first! This has never happened before! Uncanny KH impersonation, btw. People make livings impersonating Elvis. Why not you?

  2. lime Avatar

    that was a most awesome KH impersonation, complete with the tics and such. bravo! now, how about the recipe?

  3. Green Girl in Wisconsin Avatar
    Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Okay, you had me at your glasses. But then BROWNIES. MIXING IT UP WITH PUPPETS AND IMPRESSIONS!
    You slay me, oh brilliant blogger, Jocelyn.

  4. kmkat Avatar

    When *they* decide to do a remake of The Lion in Winter, *they* must cast you as The Queen.

  5. alwaysinthebackrow Avatar

    Ahhh, the perfect subject mix—chocolate, celebrity and puppetry!!

  6. Jenn @ Juggling Life Avatar
    Jenn @ Juggling Life

    You are so funny when you are losing it!

    I have to forbid my son to make brownies occasionally–and that is just the ones off the back of the Baker's Square box.

  7. actonbell Avatar

    Yes, very, good KH impression. I can't imagine KH baking brownies, that's just hysterical.

  8. flutter Avatar

    you? HYSTERICAL.

  9. Deborah Avatar

    Well, Jocelyn, you've gone and mixed things up a little yourself. This was great fun to see – and I have to say that…(can I really say this??)….I'm so glad to hear you're not high-pitched and breathy, but intellectually alto. So hard to take that other type seriously.
    Was the lovely chignon the usual you…?
    Very fun, really. I was imagining being across the table from you, with a couple of cappucinos between us. And that was a great bit of Hepburn mimicry – I loved her.

  10. secret agent woman Avatar
    secret agent woman

    Ha ha. But jeez – now I'm wondering if people who know me will only remember the ancient me after I've died.

  11. Pam Avatar

    Another great Jocelyn post. So adorably fun. Re. Yamba.There is always a lot happening along the more heavily populated east coast of Australia. I think you and the family would love it if you can grab the chance. Beaches, beautiful weather in an Aussie all-you-can take- heat way, but then there's the ocean to cool off. Big bonus is that we speak the same language,the schools would be close and easy to get to,no stress for the kids there… there's plenty of space to run and ride bikes,and a very relaxed place I'd say.For vibrancy and acaedmic and intellectual persuits you'd have to travel further afield, more to the capital cities.Yamba really would be a good place to live. Many go there for holidays and retirement(fishing etc) but it's still very family-friendly. Check out Yamba Real Estate on the web just to get a feel for the place and a few more photos of surrounds. Nice to know that Australia has thrown in its hat! Hopefully you wouldn't have as much trouble with paperwork if it looks like being a contender.I'll cross my fingers for Yamba as a choice.Good luck!!

  12. ds Avatar

    Great, ummm, mix 😉 Katharine Hepburn's brownies–who knew? Not a gal I would associate with a kitchen. Excellent impersonation!

  13. Middle Aged Woman Avatar
    Middle Aged Woman

    Ethel Thayer. Thoundth like I'm lithping, doethn't it?

  14. geewits Avatar

    Great job!

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