Dear Mr. President

I’m not really “political,” in the traditional sense of that term; in fact, I can just hear your cries of outrage if you knew how old I was before I voted for the first time. And to tell you the truth, I’m not sure if or when I’ll vote again (I have a little side-rant here about how I’d vote if I actually could be voting FOR someone and not just against the possibility of someone else). On some level, I’m not always convinced of the “my one vote can make a difference” attitude that runs through our republic.

Despite that, I can never swear completely that I’m not political–I mean, anyone with a voice or an opinion or a thought in his/her head has to be political in some way. If you hold a value, that’s politics, right? My love of running trails links me to politics, as I will support any idea that protects greenspaces. My interest in my children’s health leads me to value organic foods over processed foods. I don’t ever want either of my kids to go off to war. That’s politics, folks.

So, despite my skepticism about the political establishment, I have to say that I am, today, all about the protest song. When music and politics meet up, I can actually get stirred. And that’s exactly what’s happening today, as I sit in my windowless office (a student came in today and said, “Wow, I like the tapestry on your wall. It’s almost like you have something to look at. Hey, maybe you could hang a plasma tv on that wall and then just broadcast images of the out of doors, like birds flying by”), I am enjoying the efforts of another student, one from last year (sidenote: see how much you crazy students affect me?). She has been working her way through college and life by working as a stripper…er, exotic dancer. Over the course of several semesters, this student moved me through her writings; thus, when she cut a Pink CD for me and dropped it off, I was so grateful for a further glimpse into her thinking.

That leads me to today, when I’m cranking Pink’s “Dear Mr. President” here in my windowless box. Not only does she have pipes, she has something to say. And the point here isn’t that we agree with Pink’s politics but more that we appreciate that a popular voice is using her influence to send out a message of protest. You-Tube offers up a video of her singing this goose-bumpy song. Check it out:

Pink, you please me wildly at this moment.








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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    I’m political in periods. Then in other periods I lean towards anarchy. Or just giving all the money and power to yours truly:D

  2. Jocelyn Avatar

    I’ll send you a cybercheque today, choochoo. It’s made out of good vibes and binary change. Heh.

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