Category: Lake Superior

  • Musee Des Beaux Burglars

      There’s a famed regional photographer in these parts named Jim Brandenburg; he gets a lot of cred for being the best nature and wildlife photographer around. Admittedly, if you have a taste for foxes emerging from cattails and bison sporting icicle beards, Brandenburg is your shuttershooter. His photos are crystalline and mystical and make […]

  • Safety in Popsicles

      I love winter for ninety-eleven reasons: 1) When I wear snowshoes, my size 10 hooves actually feel petite in comparison. This is also why I sometimes sport a pair of huge “We’re #1” foam hands when I teach sign language. 2) Scarves are the accessory that can never go wrong. I read this in […]

  • The Wreck of the Edmund FitzJocelyn

    I live next to the largest body of fresh water in the world in terms of surface area. Because I have a long bendy straw, and I am very good at leaning out my window, I am never thirsty. And because I am always careful to suck up my requisite sixty-four ounces per day, the […]

  • Cooling Our Jets

    “Cooling Our Jets” In my last post, I pretty much took the piss out of winter–and February especially. Time for true confessions: I actually adore winter. It is one of my three favorite seasons, in fact. And when a winter overflows with snow, it makes the cut for Top Two. But, damn, when there’s no […]