Turning Ten

Ten years ago this week, I posted for the first time to this blog. Ten years. That’s like high school plus college plus graduate school. It was the start of a new semester, and I’d had the revolutionary idea to askĀ one of my composition classes to try out this new thing — “blogging” — in… Continue reading Turning Ten

Quick Favor

  We’re packing up before heading out tomorrow on our three-week road trip to the East Coast. First stop will be three nights in Chicago. My hope is to put up some Picture of the Day posts along the way, but first: I’ve got scaffolding in place for the Writing for Social Media class that… Continue reading Quick Favor

How Do You Wander In To That Room of Your Own?

Can we make this one more about the comments than the post? I know many of you post something every day, and I know many of you simply post whenever you feel so moved. You post when and how you do, and you have your reasons for that. So: 1) Why do you write blog… Continue reading How Do You Wander In To That Room of Your Own?