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  • The Small Things

    The Small Things

    Guns. Bombs. Death. Terrorists. Neo-conservatism. Trump. Brexit. As heart-on-her-shirt hard-boiled-egg of a comic strip character Cathy would say, “Ack.” ACK. I feel ill-equipped to have the big conversations. When it comes to politics and violence and hatred and opinions, my stomach compacts into a dark, hard knot; instinctively, my spirit folds protectively into a crouch…

  • Full Moon, Agitated Hearts

    Full Moon, Agitated Hearts

    As is my way, I was racing the clock, squeaking in to the meeting two minutes late. In my defense, I was hustling¬†because I had stopped to buy a baguette to set out during the meeting, in case anyone needed¬†a late-afternoon snack. While at the store hunting down carbohydrates, I had also grabbed a latte.…