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  • Preschool Pom Poms

    Preschool Pom Poms

    Out of the cacophony of Facebook, good things can emerge. Tips, recommendations, friendships, support, connections, networking — all of these have come to me through Facebook. But my favorite Facebook moments happen when a thinking person uses the platform for storytelling. My friend Ellen is a master at maximizing the Facebook space for sharing vignettes…

  • The Creek Elves

    The Creek Elves

      He doesn’t care that I’m running past him, earbuds in. From his three-foot height, perspective is a tricky thing. Intending to slide by, I smile at the little boy. As soon as his eyes meet mine, though, words fly through the gap in his top front teeth. A big boy at age six, he shouts: “I…

  • A Message for the White People

    A Message for the White People

    Photo: “Clayton-Jackson-McGhie-memorial-Duluth-Minnesota” by Carol M. Highsmith – Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Collection. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. ——————————————— The teens found a photo of their classmate and made some changes to it. The classmate is a young black man. They drew a noose around his neck and added the words “Gotta hang ‘em all” and shared…