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  • Tender Toddler Tending

    Tender Toddler Tending

    Even before he came out after school, even before he got into the car, I knew he’d be crabby. He’s always crabby when he’s nervous. Often, he swings through a few pit stops  — quick pullovers at “I’m so tired” and “I’m really hungry” — before parking at the real destination: the thirteen-year-old is cranky because his […]

  • Decades: Libby, Age 84

    Decades: Libby, Age 84

    Libby worked as a speech therapist in the public schools for 38 years. During that time, she spent two years teaching at a military base in Germany. Although she never had any of her own, she absolutely loves kids.     1. Think of a specific time you felt joy. What was going on, and […]