A pot of water boiled on the burner behind my husband, as he leaned against the stove, pulling my face into his sweatshirt. This story does not end with seared human flesh, so relax, gentle reader.

He hugged me to him for a long time, hard.

Finally, I managed to choke out, through thick tonsils, “I really love the hug. But I’m having trouble breathing even when my air passages aren’t obstructed by a hoodie. Let me come up for a gasp.”

I reared back, gulped in some oxygen, and nuzzled back in for the hug.

After a minute, he took my hands off the sweatshirt covering his back and tucked them underneath, so they touched his skin.

“That’s never bad,” Groom pointed out.

“Brave man. You’re not very discerning about who touches your unclothed bits. You have no idea where these hands have been. But I like your skin.”

We were quiet for a minute. The water burbled behind us.

“I’m really sorry you’ve felt so pooky for so long this week,” he said into my greasy hair.

“I’m really sorry I haven’t showered for two days,” I responded. “And thanks. This tonsil stuff has been suck slathered onto a crud cracker.”

“I’d do anything to help you feel better,” he said, hugging me tighter, cutting off any hope of breaf to my body.

Breaking away for a few more gasps of air, I pointed out, “You let me watch America’s Test Kitchen and brought me omelets and espresso milkshakes in bed. You made me feel twelve kinds of better.”

“Well,” he noted, “I like you.”

“I like me, too.”

Then he turned to the pot of water and poured in the macaroni that he would bring to me, minutes later, after I’d crawled back into the bed. While I ate the noodles, wincing with every swallow, he joined me under the covers and stroked my calf with his foot.

Nine years ago today, my husband literally was The Groom. I was the other one. As we stood up in front of 120 friends and family, it was unseasonably warm. That Santana song featuring Rob Whatzhisfutz was the #1 song in the U.S.. I cried a lot during the ceremony, and not just because that Santana song featuring Rob Whatzhisfutz was the #1 song in the U.S..

I’d never actually dreamed of being a bride. However, I had dreamed of finding a One True Love.

It’s simple to feel that I’ve found such a thing when we’re both in perfect health; it’s unquestionable that I’ve found it when one of us is suffering an illness.

I am constantly awestruck that I have something to believe in.

I was a bride married to amazement
I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms

–Mary Oliver

These banners, painted by my mother-in-law, were the backdrop to our vows.



By Jocelyn

There's this game put out by the American Girl company called "300 Wishes"--I really like playing it because then I get to marvel, "Wow, it's like I'm a real live American girl who has 300 wishes, and that doesn't suck, especially compared to being a dead one with none."


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! I only made it through eight long years with my ex so your post today was a heart-tugger-atter, ya know -the ex would never have shown any type of sympathy, empathy, tenderness like that Lucky girl, you -on many levels I do believe. Sounds like the Groom is definitely a keeper!!! But I’m betting the Bride gives as much as she gets too, don’t you?

  2. Oh, so much to say. Happy Anniversary!

    I laughed at “I like me, too.”

    And those are some gorgeous banners!

  3. Happy Anniversary! A beautiful description of a tender moment. Give the hub a pinch from balou and tell him I wanted to check to see if he was real. You’ve got a good one for sure. The banners and poem are lovely (you poem hater you.) πŸ˜‰

  4. I dreamed of the one true love too (and not the whole wedding thing – I think I don’t have a romantic bone in my body).

    I know just how you feel, ’cause I was lucky enough to find my one too.


  5. the two of you are indeed blessed. glad to hear he meant the “in sickness and in health” bit. i hope you’ll be able to mark the anniversary in a more pleasant way once you are feeling completely well.

    and those banners….how very beautiful and what a treasure.

  6. those banners are really beautiful. for my last wedding, i painted Hall and Oates as God and Adam in Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel

    i guess it goes to show my marriage was fated from the start, she’s a man eater… watch out boy, she’ll chew you up

  7. I’d show this to my wife, but she’d totally fall in love with Groom, which would be a downer for me. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Happy Anniversary…in spite of all the being sick and stuff. This is one of your let’s-see-if-I-can-squeeze-some-tears-out-of-my-fellow-bloggers posts…and it’s been quite successful, I must say. Lovely, moving…now stop getting us all choked up and go get better. Oh, and go hug Groom some more too. πŸ˜‰

  9. Happy Anniversary! And yes, I agree, beautiful backdrop. What a welcoming sign, from your mo-in-law. Lucky girl.

  10. Point the first: I’m not usually the type to have or feel emotions (less room for Doritos with them around), but that was lovely, or whatever people who have emotions say to tip their metaphorical cap.

    Point the second: I effing hate that Santana song. I also hate that whenever I’d set up my joke by saying, “Yeah, all those magazines are saying, ‘Santana’s cool again,'” people would step on it and say, “Yeah – he’s always been cool” before I could say, “He’s never been cool.

    And there we would stand, this Santana fan and I, forever separated by the sizable chasm of Good Musical Taste.

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