Sometimes I Get So Distracted, I Forget to Wipe


Groom just disappeared for three minutes.

When I came upstairs to, er, use the amenities, I saw what he’d been up to.

It’s gotten so fun around here that I find myself drinking 467 ounces of water a day, just to earn repeat trips to the bathroom.

Question: if a Pyramid Man breaks his leg whilst skiing, does a St. Bernard with a flask of brandy around his neck show up to provide succor?

Or maybe a mummy comes and applies the bandages to Pyramid Man’s wound?

Or maybe kind Inuits feed him seal blubber and make him a crutch out of whale bone?

And if a Pyramid Man falls on the ice, does he make a sound?

A few thoughts to occupy you for the weekend!





12 responses to “Sometimes I Get So Distracted, I Forget to Wipe”

  1. lime Avatar

    i'm having questions about the relative density of pyramid man to see water. in other words, if he crashes through thin ice would he float or not?

  2. lime Avatar

    sea water even

  3. Jazz Avatar

    Why do I suddenly think I won't be losing any sleep over these existential matters?

  4. Logophile Avatar

    I love the adventures of Pyramid. Man.
    Oh, and the fact your son added a punctuation based character?
    I love that too!

    I want to see his igloo.

  5. Patois Avatar

    Heady thoughts, indeed. Keep drinking!

  6. flutter Avatar

    pyramid man is an enigma.

  7. secret agent woman Avatar
    secret agent woman

    Okay, this ha snothing to do with anything, but I've been wondering – how come in my google reader and here in the comments, it says "Untitled" and yet ther eis always a title?

  8. ds Avatar

    I am on the edge of my seat (no, not that one!) awaiting the continuation of the Adventures of Pyramid Man!

  9. Midlife Jobhunter Avatar
    Midlife Jobhunter

    "And if a Pyramid Man falls on the ice, does he make a sound?"

    This questions perplexed me. Couldn't picture that one. Geez, now I really to need one of these.

  10. ds Avatar

    Please accept my apologies, I called Pyramid Man "Triangle Man" on my blog. Oops! I hope you'll come back anyway, because there's something waiting for you there…

  11. cathy Avatar

    Yes, he would probably cause an avalanche too.

  12. Green Girl in Wisconsin Avatar
    Green Girl in Wisconsin

    I would love to know the physics behind Pyramid Man on skis!

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